Taco Stop & Deli.........Millstone, NJ

(I thought there was a thread on this already, but I couldn’t find one so here we go)

Well as some of you may know it’s a very special day tomorrow for our own @seal (or as I call him my lil’ Fat Choy Boy-Toy) with it being the 40th Anniversary of his 20th Birthday!!! Congratulation’s sir and many, many more!!

Due to some travel plans all I could squeeze in was a quick lunch today to celebrate a bit, so off to Taco Stop we went. (his choice) I think I read on a hallmark card one time; nothing puts the fiend in Friend like shitty gas station tacos for your birthday!!! Well then, I am a fiend indeed because we had some shitty gas station tacos!!!

Listen I’m not a big Mexican food / taco person to begin with, so I’m really a bad judge since I’m only here for my fat choy. However I got the steak taco’s and they were really miserable. Most of the meat was very well done, shoe leather done…and dry as the Sahara. I tried some of the red sauce they provided but it lacked any heat, so I used the green sauce which had a nice kick to it. The cilantro and onions were all fresh, the rice and beans were very good too. I tried the al pastore’ that seal ordered and that was much better than the steak.

Overall I wasn’t very impressed, I would have preferred a turkey sandwich. lol Your mileage may vary so please give them a try, several people here have spoken highly of then which is why I gave them a try to begin with. (just stay away from the steak)


So, the Master let me out of my dungeon for the day. What is that bright yellowish thing way up in the sky?

Master always takes his Igor to only the finest places. Today we dined on what I’m sure were the best tacos from a gas station in all of NJ!

Honestly, they are authentic but not that good. When the best thing on the plate is the rice and beans, not the meat, that’s a problem. Nothing was bad ( at least with the al pastor ) but nothing was worth traveling for.

For my 60th birthday breakfast tomorrow I will see if the al pastor cooks up well with my eggs and avocado - a trick I normally use the al pastor from IMG in Red Bank for. We’ll see.


IOU upon my return! (didn’t you take a pic or two?)


I took one of the place as a memento of the ambiance.

The funniest part is that at every single HODown I’ve ever been to, the write up afterwards always says the company was better than the food. There is no doubt today the company was better than the food!


Been a long time since I stopped in for gas station tacos as my last visit (7-8 yrs ago?) just was not good. But staying on theme, there’s a Delta gas station on Rt. 9 North in Howell with a U-Haul rental business that may now hold the crown for best gas station tacos. I believe they operate as El Buena Taco. The menu is actually pretty comprehensive for the business model (take-out only). Stopped by with my kid for an order of birria and al pastor tacos, and they were both quite tasty. Certainly not the best I’ve had in Monmouth Cty, but definitely good enough. Each taco was in a double tortilla and an order included 3 tacos. Each order also came with a small serving of freshly made chips and guac, and the price included a drink. While I was the only customer on my visit, the woman behind the counter told me they do a brisk Door Dash business. So, if passing through Howell and you need some gas and a bite to eat, skip the Wawa and get some tacos.