Taco Express Food Store in [Perth Amboy, NJ]

Other than IMG in Red Bank, there aren’t many places nearby with a trompo to feast on al pastor, the king of tacos.

Taco Express in Perth Amboy has been growing on me over my last few visits over the bridge as one of my favorite taquerias and options for Mexican food. Below, tacos de barbacoa of goat, a weekend special.

Like IMG, Taco Express has an open kitchen, with windows to view the kitchen prep, though the arrangement of the restaurant is a tad more formal, with waitresses and more seating.

There’s a parking lot, which is definitely a plus in Perth Amboy. Best time to go is the weekend, when they offer specials, and are certain the have the trompo out. Other exciting items on the menu are the pambazo, plus they have all the other typical antojitos.

443 New Brunswick Ave
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861


I hadn’t heard of pambazo, so I hit Google. You had me at Mexicano Chorizo Potato Sandwich. :heart_eyes: