TACO BELL was great pre-90's formerly on ChowHound

Categorically untrue.

In fact, in real life (not on Hungry Onion), I know far more shitty chefs from Hong Kong than good ones.


OK whatever. I guess that applies to certified Rolls Royce mechanics then. There must be bad ones and Rolls Royce allows them to operate performing inferior car repairs including servicing and maintenance.

Anyway I need to get back on topic of Toxic Hell. Bringing back Lava menu does nothing for me. They should bring back Glen Bell’s recipes that made the name in the first place.

You don’t see the discrepancy between advocating for fake Mexican food versus “authentic “ Chinese food from Hong Kong chefs?
I just find it comical, if confusing.


Really, my friend. You need to stop with this false equivalence.

A certified RR mechanic just means that person can work on RR – it says nothing about the quality of that mechanic qua mechanic. A non certified RR mechanic may in fact be a better mechanic in fixing a RR than a certified one simply because she is a better mechanic qua mechanic.

Same with chefs – be they from HK or the Moon.

A good chef is a good chef, regardless of their provenance. This is true for Chinese chefs, Mexican chefs, and even Martian chefs. Where a chef is from (or trained at) is neither a sufficient nor necessary condition to making good food of a particular cuisine.

Heck, do you ever visit Ding Tai Fung in the United States? 95% of the folks making XLB are, wait for it, Latino!


That’s an interesting equivalence. I am neither a mechanic nor a chef. However, I imagine before one is hired to be a Rolls mechanic, (s)he has a proven track record as a superb mechanic–whether (s) was born in the UK, USA, Italy, etc. Similarly, to be given a prime position in a Michelin restaurant, one would likely have a CV of demonstrated skill in fine dining.

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Hmmm . . . I’d be interested in trying those Martian and Lunar chefs :wink:




Well I can’t tell any of that to my former Chinese technicians who worked and owned Chinese restaurants here in America. They are long gone once the company closed that department down. I only know what came from the Chinese men’s mouth. They told me about Hong Kong chefs and I believe them. If I find otherwise, I will be sure to let everyone know. As far as any group of people making food that is not part of their culture does not impress me. Just because they make it does not mean it is good. Maybe THAT is why there are so many places these days where the food has gone downhill. People need to think of that reality as well. Food was better decades ago. Whether Tex Mex, Chinese, Italian, Greek etc. I put the blame of inferior specialty foods on cross cultures and am sticking to it. Cheers.

I don’t intend to ever go to a Japanese owned and operated restaurant for my Polish food. If I want perogies or kielbasa? I go to a Polish owned and operated restaurant and deli in Copiague NY. The one that my coworkers friend’s husband owns. They are Polish from Poland. I use logic. Something so many forgot about in this world.

Your personal experience is anecdotal, and you are missing the reality of what I mentioned, i.e. many cooks from many different countries preparing fantastic food not necessarily from their own.

You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, which is just that.

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You think “food was better decades ago” is a logical statement?

I’ll leave ya to your Taco Hell, buddy :wink:




Of course you’re right.

A polish chef is more likely than not to prepare better Polish cuisine than, say, a Japanese one.

But that in and of itself does not preclude a Japanese chef from also making equally, if not better, Polish cuisine.

For example, one of highest acclaimed French restaurants in Paris (no less) with 3 Michelin stars is manned by no other than Japanese wunderkind Key Kobayashi


And let’s not forget Rick Bayless, who has some of the top Mexican food in Chicago (a major city with no shortage of “authentic” Mexican made by authentic Mexicans).


I suspected for a while. Now I’m sure.

Do not feed the troll.


At least not the “new” Taco Bell :wink:


Fair enough. Like I said exceptions to every rule. I’ll stick with my preferences. Everyone has free will. Dine where you like. Food was still better years ago. Corner cutting and artificial substitutes are everywhere today. At least in America. It’s all about the $$$ Oh and the “impossible meat” cult is just that. They made 3 movies about these type of people. The main actors were Jim Carry & Jeff Daniels.

I guess it depends on how far back you want to go. For instance, ketchup was invented as a way to disguise the rancid meat the majority of Americans ate. And I suggest you never read Upton Sinclair. There was a reason the FDA and food laws were born.

I dare say the same is true to varying degrees around the globe.


You’re on record as preferring fast food Mexican food (likely prepared by Anglo teens) to actual Mexican food. Maybe your favorite Chinese food is actually Panda Express.


You mean the same FDA that approves chemical drugs all that create side effects made from crude oil that Rockefeller pushed when he took over the entire medical industry and turned it into big “pharma” which in Greek means magic or potion? After Rockefeller commandeered all the medical institutions that were creating natural homeopathic medicines without any side effects and killed that industry? The same FDA that approves thousands of drugs only to have most pulled from the shelves because they cause cancer and death? Then the lawsuits follow only to give kickbacks to the FDA. Rinse & Repeat. The industry that is the biggest money machine on the planet that treats symptoms keeping people ill because it makes more money rather than curing people like homeopathic medicines achieve? That FDA?