Taco Bell NEW under $ 1.00 Menu items

Hard to beat these prices. Also understandable how people or families who are struggling find this a viable option for daily or weekly meal options.


I didn’t know Taco Bell still existed!

You’re kidding, right?
Glancing back, it appears you have been TV free, but I am heartened by the Complete absence of Taco Bell in your consciousness.
Short of wandering deep into the forest, it seems like brands just seep in my brain thru osmosis regardless of whether that’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

To me, it seems that TB has always been the most affordable fast food chain. That the food has too much fat, sugar, salt, and additives is a given, but on the positive side, most of TB’s items contain beans and other vegetables. In terms of fiber and vegetable nutrients, that gives them an edge over nuggets and cheeseburgers.

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Not joking at all, I can’t think of the last time I drove by one and haven’t heard anyone talk about eating there.

And I do see things while I drive… Really. For instance, there are no Mc Donalds in my immediate area but I see them all over the place when I’m driving through other areas. I know they’re still around even though I don’t eat there. : )

If you don’t mind me asking, what approximate geographic area are you from?

I live in the greater Los Angeles metro area (not in LA city limits.) The eastern edge of LA county/ western edge of the Inland Empire.

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OK, I just used their store locator. There are 3 within the city limits- population of just this city 304,000: one by the University (5+ miles away, almost never find myself over there,) and 2 way on the other side of town off of a major interstate. I guess I just don’t see them.

We have tons of excellent- and cheap- independent taco shops here and a bunch of good but not great chain taco shops like Albertos and Senior Baja. I guess there just isn’t much need for Taco Bell. So many places have $1 tacos on any given day of the week (but especially Taco Tuesdays,) where you can get really good quality not previously dehydrated or mixed with TVP meat that they have serious competition here.


Ha! Well certainly not out in the “boonies”. I see you used their store locator and found they are around, you just have’t observed them. I’m shocked you haven’t seen their commercials, they are all over the place here. (East Coast/NJ)

We don’t have a television- I don’t see ANY commercials!



This is not the same Taco Bell as from decades ago, only cheaper.

The last time I went there I felt nauseous for the rest of the day.

I think eating a couple McDonalds cheeseburgers is way better for you than having a beefy fritos burrito or a cheesy rollup.

OMG do you want me to tell you how Seinfeld ended? Friends? (How long have you lived without TV if you don’t mind me asking)

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It used to be a proud declaration of intellect not to watch TV. With the arrival of PBS, quality cable networks, and the flight of actors and writers from Hollywood’s concentration on action-centric moviemaking, that claim rings hollow. But there are people who avoid TV because it has PTSD-like connotations. I know a recovering alcoholic for whom the TV evokes decades-old memories of lost weekends on the sofa with liquor bottles. Also, though they are better than nothing, adaptive technologies don’t provide a satisfactory experience for some sight/hearing-impaired people. (Apologies for continuing the off-topic digression.)


I lived basically without tv until I was 36. Then sporadic tv until I was 45 and got dvr around 7-8 years ago. And, as of the invention of the dvr, I ff past commercials. The few years I watch quite a bit of tv, usually in binges, of dvr’d shows and movies. I actually watched a few commercials the other night and the videography made me dizzy. Current commercials are made for those with very short attention spans I guess. Hmmm… many tv shows and movies lean in this direction as well. They tend to be the ones I stop and delete two minutes in. I am seriously considering moving to a rural area and disconnecting from the grid and net some time in the next year or so.

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Just over 9 years TV free.

I saw a Taco Bell commercial at the movies!

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