Tachibana [McLean, VA]

Fabulous meal at Tachibana in McLean earlier this summer. Absolutely love this place. Highly recommend it if you are visiting like I was, or live in the area.

Great ankimo, grilled salmon kama, sardines, sashimi platter and chu toro to end the meal. Superb service and ice cold Sapporo to accompany the meal with.


I just got back from Portugal so those sardines caught my eye! Thanks for the review. Former coworkers who work in Tysons rave about this place, but I’ve never been.

I went here growing up – the sukiyaki was always amazing, as was the agedashi tofu, and the rest of the menu looks really good, too.

Stupid question but how do you eat sardines/herring prepared like that? I peel the skin off with my chopsticks and then lift out meaty pieces from the top half then flip them over to get the other half. But i always figure i am doing it wrong somehow…
One of the downsides of not having a local along when you try dishes you have never had before.