Szechuan's Dumpling Arlington, MA

I had heard rumors about new owners and new menu at Szechuan’s Dumpling in Arlington, so it was time to check them out again. It turned out to be just that, a rumor. Nothing has changed, but at least the heat was on this time. The lunch menu was unchanged. I ordered the “Fish Filet w. Spicy Bean Sauce” ($8.95) from the lunch menu. The fish was cooked well, and the sauce was palatable and surprisingly spicy without me asking for it extra spicy. The place was completely empty at lunch today, not even takeouts. I mutch prefer Taipei Gourmet just up the road.


I prefer Taipei Gourmet too, probably go 3 x month.

I checked their website today and the Chinese name definitely contains “Hangzhou.” Relevant menu items include:

-Most of the stuff under “Authentic Chinese” - J1-H6, H12
-Under “Chef Specials,” Dong Po Pork, Pan Fried Belt Fish, and G10-G19

So that’s 17 dishes often associated with the Hangzhou/Suzhou/Shanghai/etc. area. The rest is the same mix of Sichuan and Taiwanese that was probably there before.

Link to the menu

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What’s the URL? Is it the weebly one above?

Yes, pretty sure it’s

Glad you mentioned it as there’s also a specials menu with some interesting things, such as the “drunken chicken” which I’ve only seen here and at Gourmet China House.

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