Szechuan Sauce back at McDs

Haven’t been to the arches in months, but remember liking the sauce…Not believing the “64 gal jug” thing tho -

He definitely bought some… as for 64 gallons or 32 gallons…

P.S.: It looks like there is a video about it.

Great picture! 64 gals, 64 ounces, whateves

I have never tried that sauce. Do you know if this szechaun sauce has the signature “Malai” (麻辣) numbing sensation?

HA! This sauce was a promotional tie in when the Disney movie Mulan was released. It was aimed at the kids for the movie. There is nothing Szechwan about it, other than the name. It’s similar to the red sweet and sour sauce you find on sweet and sour pork. I haven’t tried the revival version, but as a college student, I thought the stuff was great.

Not even close

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I remember the movie. I don’t remember anything about the sauce… Really?

Yeah – I just remember the McDonald’s promotional signs had pictures of Mulan and Mushu and the Happy Meal toys were Mulan themed too. I used to take my cousins and get them HMs. They didn’t eat red meat at the time, so I would order them Chicken Nuggets, and the Mulan HMs came with the Szechwan sauce.

Here’s some info about how/why it’s coming back:

“The unexpected nature of the premiere episode generated large amounts of discussion about the episode across social media, and with it, discussion of the repeatedly mentioned Szechuan Sauce, driving many fans of the show to want to try the sauce for themselves”

“Predictably, scalpers stood in line for hours just so they could obtain the extremely rare sauce and sell it for hundreds of dollars on eBay.”

“At one McDonalds restaurant in Los Angeles, a man was stabbed in the middle of a long line during the distribution of it.”

… I am less disturbed by the love of McDonald Szechuan sauce, but more on how easily manipulated we are by social media.

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