Sycamore - still kickin' [Massachusetts, Newton Centre]

A thread over on CH raises the question of whether Sycamore is resting on it’s laurels. Happy to report on dinner Saturday night that they are still firing on all cylinders. Ghost of Mary remains our standard aperitif - thanks to Scott, who invented in back at Great Bay - and the “snacks” aways help us through the menu debates. Went with the charcuterie to start - excellent pork rillettes, duck/pork liver terrine, and a chicken ballotine. A generous serving that we shared. My SO was not enthralled with the egg in the otherwise fine asparagus salad, finding it a bit trite. The lamb board was a standout amoung the mains, although a pink Georgia shrimp pasta also got raves. Beignets with milk jam a nice way to bring things to a close. Service remains as attentive and polished - they have a good team ethos going - as we’ve come to expect. I don’t detect any “let down”.

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Good to hear. Sycamore is one of the toughest tables around on weekends. One either needs to plan far ahead or get lucky. Their waitlist doesn’t move much either.

Go early and grab a seat at the bar.

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