Sweet gift baskets to send (in Westchester ny)

I want to send a friend who just had a baby a food gift. She lives in Lower Westchester. Last time we did a Murray’s basket because she loves cheese but this time I wanted to maybe go sweet as she hasn’t been able to eat sweets for months. Any ideas for this?

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Have you checked with any local,bakeries? I bet La Tulipe in Mt. Kisco would do one.

Great idea. Should have mentioned I’d like them to deliver.

The word ‘sweets’ takes in a lot. Are you talking cookies and pastries, too? There are a lot of options: good local bakeries are a possibility. Or try: Tasteful Treats, Armonk; Edible Arrangements; Lindt Chocolates-online; Fresh Market, Eastchester; Whole Foods; Balducci’s; Village Creamery, Valhalla.

Zabar’s has all kinds of baskets. They may have sweets. i dislike edible arrangements. It’s all the same. You also,have See’s candy, Cheryl’s cookies, and Davids too. But if they will,deliver a local,bakery will,be so unique. BTW - on the iPad so pardon my commas! I keep hitting it

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The Fresh Market in Scarsdale on 22 has a nice candy/nut/chocolate selection, loose in bins and packaged definitely worth a look if you can get there … they do make baskets, Stephanie is the person
you would want to speak with she is super nice

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Economy Candy is my go-to place. I’d be wary of shipping chocolate while the weather is in the 90s, though they might give you an option of a cold pack. It really raises the price, though. Economy has such a fabulous selection that I’m sure you’d find plenty of nonchocolate items to send. You’ll find candy from your childhood, your parents’ childhood, and even your grandparent’s childhood. It’s a lot of fun to go to in person as well.

If you want baked goods, I ship a lot of Cheryl’s to family out west and they always love it.

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I agree with the Economy recommendation
There is one more place I can recommend, https://candy-apple-shoppe.com/
they are independently owned
They make incredible chocolate covered pretzels in the most varied and interesting combinations
They also have a nice selection of retro candy
The website doesn’t do them justice
PO Box 302 • 967 Route 517 • Glenwood, NJ 07418
Phone: (973) 764-4060 • Fax: (973) 764-1050

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Thanks all for the recommendations. I’m going to look into them and see what will work best. Agreed that, for the next couple days anyway, delivery will be tricky due to the weather.

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William Greenberg desserts in manhattan ships, their “schnecken” is basically the most decadent nut covered breakfast bun ever, the babka is fantastic and they’re famous for the black and white cookies- but i prefer what they call “large cookies” on the website, and they are huge

Or there’s always some of the crazy Levain cookies with the super thick soft centers

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oooh. yum. I remember Greenberg. Great idea.

Is your friend a fan of brownies? Greyston Bakery has gift baskets and gift boxes you can customize. Amazing brownies - they have brownies of all kinds - chocolate fudge, brown sugar blondies, vegan, etc. It’s a wonderful company too and there’s a great cause behind it. Ben & Jerry’s uses their brownies in some of their ice cream flavors (Half Baked - yum!) so they have to be good. Added plus - they’re a local company - based in YO! :slight_smile:

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The Greyston Foundation is a gift to the community :frowning:
The retail store closed a couple of years ago which is too bad, the rest of the operation
is still located in Yonkers and going strong.
Their brownies work in the ice cream but are meh on their own, I would recommend any
of their other products if still available.

I’m a fan of them, but then again, I never met a brownie I didn’t like! :grinning:


Thanks so much everyone for all the ideas. I am looking into them to see which works the best with delivery and everything. Really appreciate it and will report back with what I end up doing!


So we ended up going with the dozen large cookies from William Greenberg. I got them in special colors for my friend. The price is a little ridiculous but hey, it’s a special occasion and I’m splitting it with a couple other people. I’ve had the cookies and absolutely love them and I know she will too. She can share them with her family or eat them all herself!

Thanks again-- this is a great thread for reference!

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Thanks for telling us. Sounds great!! What kind of cookies?

I’m sure the cookies will be good and it is a gift,but the trick is to get the schnecken as a gift to yourself - so gooood :grinning:

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