Swan and Dolphin, Orlando

My Mom lives in Naples and we’ve travelled all over the state for various reasons. I travel to DisneyWorld occasionally for business and am always confounded how they keep everyone and everything so bubbled. Do you know they don’t allow gum to be sold at Disney World anywhere? Not even at the airport. And, not that I chew that much gum, but at work events, generally the food is so awful that I have to chew something to distract myself until I can find edible food.

Lots of airports don’t sell gum, because of the cost of cleanup when idiots drop their gum on the floor and don’t pick it up, doubly if there is carpet

TIA in Tampa doesn’t sell gum, either… I don’t think Disney is telling the airport that they cant sell gum.

Oh good call. I didn’t mean to imply there was any connection. I just remember that particular detail. Actually, some of the food at the Dolphin and Swan was decent, I thought. Also, I was with some Indian colleagues and we ended up going off-property to an Indian place nearby that was good. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the restaurant.

Have you ever eaten at http://www.victoria-alberts.com/ its considered one of the best restaurants in the state, even by my chef friends.

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I was at the Swan and Dolphin this past June for a week. Although it is on Disney property, you won’t see Mickey or any of the other cast of characters. I liked it there, alot.

I ate at Todd English Blue Zoo. It was fine. I make better grits. I am not a big fish eater, but the grilled fish that my BIL ordered looked so good and smelled so wonderful that I made a point to grill my own at home. The clam chowder was very very good. The shrimp were, shrimp.

I could have stayed there the whole week without leaving the property. Good food everywhere. Had to leave once to find a liquor store. $16 drinks at the bar…and another time for more snacks for the fridge…Just didn’t want to do the restaurant row thing…

There is a juice bar…can’t remember the name…wonderful for breakfast. Shulas was my fav. Perhaps I will write a report about it. I don’t want to rush on that.

I made a point that my post was NOT ABOUT DISNEY WORLD DINING.


Uh-oh, tell me how I should name the thread then, I didn’t read in detail.

I appologise. My post sounded like a petulant child.

You have always been a gentleman and in my opinion this site is truly one of the better ones; not only because of the posters, but because we have you in the lead.

Again, I am sorry and wherever you decide to put the post is probably the best.


No worries!

I renamed the thread btw, hopefully that’s more descriptive!

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