Sushi Taro in DC - Report

Before the pandemic, Sushi Taro had become the king of high-end sushi in DC. They ditched their regular menu and focused on a set menu which made the dinner experience a pricey affair. They still offered a limited a la carte menu at lunch.

But since their reopening for dine-in they have gone back to a full menu with quite a few specials. For most practical purposes it is once again a place you can casually pop into and experience a rarefied cuisine without making this into an entire evening of dinner-as-theatre.

Once again you can enjoy fantastic homemade noodles at any meal. I went for a special of soba in a cold broth with sudashi, a Japanese citrus. Very thin slices of this green fruit were floating atop the soup, and I was encourage to eat the slices whole, peel and all. This was a sublime experience with chewy noodles a light delicious broth and the excitement of the sudashi.

I then went for an item on the regular menu, soft shell crab tempura made with squid ink. What came out was shocking to look at: a coal black crustacean that looked like it didn’t survive an oil spill. Kind of horrifying, actually. The squid ink made the tempura batter a bit thick as it seemed to absorb the frying oil more thoroughly than you’d normally expect from tempura. The result was rich and very filling. This is a dish best shared.

Whatever else you order here, the homemade noodles are one of the best delights of eating in DC.


We thoroughly enjoyed an omakase here (and loved the theatre, too) a few years back, but you’re right - it was a special occasion and we never repeated it. Glad to read about your experience & good to know. Thanks!

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The omakase and the kaiseki experience are still there for thems that want it, but it is no longer a requirement. That’s a relief for me since I am rarely in the market for an expensive meal like that.

Since it’s an easy walk to Keegan, Theatre J, and Spooky Action, I can easily pop in right before a performance.

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It wasn’t sushi but i had a rather nice bowl of ramen at Yido just off Rte 7 NW of Greensboro Metro near Tysons Corner. I started w a small bowl of delicately spiced wonton soup that made a nice starter. The Spicy Tonkotsu was only slightly spicey but rich and flavorful. Not the easiest cafe to find, the door is around back of tge main building.
I hope you do not mind my post piggybacking on your sushi post, Steve. I figured a second post about Japanese cuisine would be less useful.

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