Sushi On, Fair Oaks Mall - Report

Sushi On is its own subculture.

It’s a buffet, and I haven’t been to a buffet in years. And years. This is a place where people come and plant themselves for hours. Not to gorge, though. Many tables filled with Korean families and friends, even groups of tiny older women who come to sit for a couple of hours or more as a social event.

Most of the food is Korean, and there is also the eponymous sushi and some Chinese staples, and some salads labeled Thai which aren’t, but pleasant enough from the use of sesame oil.

Don’t go for the sushi.

The general quality of everything else is surprisingly good. Highlights are:

cold kimchi soup
miso soup
roasted pork belly with whole cloves of garlic (they don’t offer lettuce to make a wrap, tho)
Korean rice noodle dish (unusual use of udon instead of rice cake, cooked as a tteokbokki)
kobocha squash salad
a stir-fry with excellently fried breaded pork.

They have a wicked espresso machine next to a soft serve machine, so I wound up making myself an affogato three times.

I could see making this an annual experience, as long as you can gather together people who agree to spend a good long while there.

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I think the sushi is decent for AYCE. I usually pick a few things loaded with sauces and toppings but concentrate on the cold foods. They have zaru soba noodles with dashi. And other noodle salads: somen and cha soba. And they have decent poke salad concoctions. And it is easy to pick among the hot foods where condition seems to be the most important factor.

I say better than it has to be. I enjoy on the infrequent times I am in the area and not heading for BBQ.