Sushi Lin in Brooklyn Heights

So I came home early Friday afternoon and opened up Resy trying to find a place for dinner. Scrolling through I saw an unfamiliar name for the neighborhood pop up. Sushi Lin. I was initially a bit confused but a quick check confirmed that a new branch had opened on Clark Street next to the diner in what I think was the old bagel place. Snagged a reservation. I used to think the only place worth getting sushi in the area at after the late Tampopo was Hibino. Now there’s another great option.

Service was a little bit disorganized. Place has only been open for a few weeks. When we showed up for our res, there were open tables but they asked us to wait at the bar. I think they were a bit overwhelmed. Finally got seated. Ordered some beer while we perused the menu. Ordered some fluke, kani salad, gyoza to start and then the 10 piece sushi omakase. Was this the best sushi I’ve had? No. Not close but the quality was very good and the price was extremely reasonable. I think this will be part of a regular rotation when we don’t want to head into Manhattan. Great addition to the heights.


Thanks for the info. Btw, the wrong address is pinned to the thread.

That’s odd as I didn’t link to the restaurant when I wrote my post. Must be some sort of auto tag feature. Maybe a mod could change it.

Hey if any mod can change the address, can you map it to Sushi Lin at 78 Clark Street?

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Map it to Sushi Lin at 78 Clark Street
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