1. Yes, since the very early days (tagged From the Beginning but that is not really true, just early on, back when they still begged for money periodically to keep the lights on and servers up).
  2. Yes.
  3. Home Cooking (but also spend time on regional boards, maybe 1/3).

I am VERY happy to see so many familiar names here!



Don’t toy with us Ms. Whit!

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Hello, Pan.

My responses mirror yours - I’m a Yes, No, NYC, too.


(For the Horde!) #75

Ok… maybe I will have two more updates. This will be the second to the last. Due to many different answers, I expanded the original choices to a few more: “Media and News” and “Not about Food”. Please let me know if I actually assigned you to the correct category. Thanks.


(Cindy) #76

So I’ve already noted that the board that interests me most is my regional board. But since I feel my regional board (Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore) is too broadly defined here on HO, any regional news I want to post I post onto FTC and not here.

And that kind of points to the struggle I’m having between these two sites. To me they’re totally redundant. I know others recognize differences in tone, content, etc. But to me they’re almost identical. I wish I could just choose one or the other, but I can’t (yet) because of FOMO.


(Robert) #77
  1. Yes
  2. Equal, at the moment. Waiting to see how each site evolves.
  3. A, Manhattan, outer boroughs & C, home cooking

Look at CH new traffic stats, must be from site talk rubber necking
(Jeff) #78
  1. Yes. I’ve been on CH for 15 years.

  2. Equal. CH still has plenty of NY content. I haven’t been to CA in 20 years.

  3. Regional Boards – Outer Boroughs and Southeast ASIA



I had to look up “FOMO”.


(Mark) #80

Holy cow my life is FOMO apparently.


(Elwood) #81
  1. Yes. I had to sell a “G” to afford to register here.

  2. I’d say I’m probably splitting my time pretty evenly between both my wife and my new girlfriend. Though, somehow, I’m spending more time alone than ever.

  3. There’s ago old adage which holds, when at a cocktail party, a gentleman should be able to hold his own on any subject of conversation for at least fifteen minutes. My gentleman status may be questionable for other reasons, but that approach apples to my participation here as well. Though, until we start getting more folks from Jersey, the regional boards will likely see less of me.


  1. Yes, same username here, BostonBestEats! Same name on Yelp, Twitter, Facebook (or BosBeseats). Before moving back to Boston this year, I used to be PhillyBestBYOB on the Philly CH board (quit in disgust over the moderation), and I forget what on the Boston CH board before that dating back to at least 2001.

  2. No, still more on CH (mostly Site Feedback, watching it burn) It’s interesting how so much of your life ends up being chronicled on a board like Chowhound (and it’s sad when it passes away, as I expect CH eventually will).

  3. Regional (Boston, Philly). I generally don’t pay much attention to anything else, unless I’m traveling.

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  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. Home Cooking



Cannot decide between C and D. D makes me do bad things. I enjoy regional boards but do not eat out much anymore. I do like knowing what is happening in the resturant world so I do check in but I am plainly to be more active in C&D.


(C) #85

Yes. Chowhounder since the basic threaded board. Not a prolific poster, though.

Can’t say- I don’t think my regional board will take off here. I’ve been reading here by “latest posts” and that works for me. CH for General & Montreal board.

Regional (Montreal)
Home Cooking


(June Pickering) #86

Yes, Yes and a

It does my heart good that just this afternoon, 4 CH friends contacted me to find out where everyone had gone. They were all people who read the UK/Ireland board. I think we’re making progress here.


(Will Owen) #87

Yes, I have been a CH freak since Jim Leff’s frankly ugly but usable text-only version, and then okay with what its new owners did with it. Over the years as it started packing in more and more ads, and I stuck with my elderly G4, the wait between screen refreshes started getting in the way of my enjoyment of our conversations … and now that it’s apparently become all about selling space and to hell with the slobs actually trying to use it to communicate, I’m gone. To the best of my knowledge they haven’t banished me, but I sure as hell have banished them.

I’ve loved the Home Cooking and General Topics boards – I’m new here, but I see no reason to doubt I’ll love’em here too – and used the Los Angeles and California regionals extensively to look for new places or post reviews of our own discoveries, not to mention getting to know the Usual Suspects worth getting to know for meetups.

My personal favorite interests are cooking and eating, of course, plus the cultural and functional history of food, foodways, how foods migrate and tracking the name and recipe changes. Just the huge family of meat-in-dough items can use up hours of tracking and investigating, and I’ve logged (some might say Wasted) a lot of hours on General Topics pursuing things like this. Probably still will.

Nice to be here!


(For the Horde!) #88

Thanks all. This is probably the last update. Overall, the trend has stabilized. The take home messages are:

1) Everyone is from Chowhound (100% - I am surprise)
2) A majority of people spend more time here than on Chowhound  (57%).  
3) Regional (41%) and Home Cooking (28%) are most interesting topics to you

Please let me know if I have assigned you into the wrong categories.



Yes, used to be on CH for around 15+ years. I wasn’t active the first year or two back in the early days, and then became very active from around 2002-2011 on home cooking, NYC boards and and NY state, not about food, and spirits/cocktails, then mostly on the spirits/cocktail board the last few years. I became active on eGullet for awhile when there was the CH split that led to eGullet being formed. I mostly just checked in on eGullet for hard science, bitters, cocktail stuff. I left CH over a year ago, July/August 2014, when it started to go downhill and allowed advertisers to post. I checked in every now and then and was really dismayed to see how bad it became with the latest terrorist attack, uh, I mean site changes.

I don’t spend much time here and not at all on CH. I hope that Hungry Onion grows and becomes the resource that CH was from 2000-2014.

  1. What is the single most interesting board/topic to you? Beverages, NY and NYC, General, Home Cooking…
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(Junior) #90

1.) I prefer not to tell where, if anywhere, I am from. I’m trying a clean slate or plate approach to this site.

2.) I can neither confirm nor deny my knowledge of Chowhound or of this site for that matter.

3.) This is the only board I have seen, although I think it would be fun to have my own board. (wink wink)


(Natascha) #91

Good to see ya here, Jr. I mean NotJr.

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