Surprisingly Good Food - Bistro 12 in Tarrytown

We went to the Tarrytown Music Hall last night. We always went to Chiboust when we verntured down to the Music Hall but, sadly, that is gone. Last night we opted for Bistro 12 which is right across the street from the theater. I wasn’t expecting much, we really chose it because we wanted to be close since time would be tight on a Friday night, and we did not want to go to Sweet Grass again. The place, billing itself as Portuguese and Italian, is tiny, and last night they had a few big groups so tables for 2 were scarce. We had a reservation - good thing because this place was turning people away. Bistro 12 does not try to be hip or today or trendy., and despite the fact that the place was full, it was quiet and relaxing. It is family run and the food is really good. The two owners - I suspect they are brothers- take all the orders. Very friendly and attentive. The first bite I had was the amazing bread. It was crusty with soft airy bread inside and served warm with soft butter on the side. I could have made a meal out of that bread. There was also oil on the table, but I can’t resist soft butter! DH had the fried calamari app served with a delicious, slightly spicy marinara sauce that he was still eating after all the perfectly fried calamari were gone. They were light and fried to golden perfection. DH had tender, flavorful veal scallopini with shitake and porcini’s in a madeira sauce. Very good. I opted for the chicken Francese which was light and lemony. I find that many places don’t get the batter quite right on that dish but this was great. Of course, I added parm!! The julienned squash and carrots with garlic accompanied both dishes and these were lacking seasoning.

All in all, the food was terrific, the service friendly an attentive. Would I make a special trip to Tarrytown to eat there, no. But we’re going back to the Music Hall next month and we made the reservation last night.


Thanks for posting, Gwenn. I haven’t heard of this place. It’s always good to have options in Tarrytown as we find ourselves there occasionally.

I am always happy to eat good food!!! We are members of the music hall (to get a jump on tickets we want) so I’m always looking for places to eat down there where I don’t have to park twice!

I haven’t been to Twisted Oak in a while. I wonder how they’re doing. They changed the menu format a bit a while back and it just felt too pricey for what it is. My husband likes the Oath for their beer selection but for a long time all they had was fried stuff and waffles. They recently changed the menu to add more options so I’ve got to tag along there one time to check it out. There’s a new BBQ place from the folks at Mint that I’ve had my eye on too. Can’t recall the name.

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I remember reading a review either here or at CH and it wasn’t very good, the food in
the yelp photos looks great though.

Thought I’d follow up to this post. Is anyone out there???

We had tickets to a show at the music hall last night so we went back to Bistro 12. By the time we got there at 6:30 the place was packed. Bistro 12 did not disappoint. I was amazed again by the wonderful Portuguese bread, and these guys serve it right. Warm with room temp butter that melts onto the bread. I could have made a meal of it. My husband and I both had exactly the same meals as last time and they were both wonderful. He had the veal with shitake and I had the chicken francaise. I was watching other meals go by too and there were some good looting salads and an egglplant parm appetizer that the diner seemed to enjoy.

If this place were in my area I’d go more. It is lacking in ambiance but the food and the charm of the owners make up for that. Next time we have tickets…

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