Surprise: This is why there are so many Thai restaurants in the US (and elsewhere)

My initial response is ‘Bring it on.’ Now, where shall I go for lunch today?


Fascinating and equally fascinating that they cite other countries with similar initiatives.


A related phenomenon: In California the prevalence of doughnut shops that Cambodian immigrant families own was traced to one man.

It all made sense that would do proud most first year MBA write-a-business plan based on case study assignments. Observable, measurable predictable demand for well-known easily understood product, virtually no daily price volatility in both supply and product markets, low capital needs, minimal staff training (particularly language), no complex personnel management required because they can be family-operated, lower security risk than convenience food or liquor store (no one burgles doughnuts and family are not selling off back of own truck PLUS law enforcement often patronize such businesses), . . . decent top line potential for investors, no barriers to entry . . .


Thanks a lot, a passionate read. This article deserves a topic on its own.

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There was a thread on FTC about Cambodian donut shops - fascinating topic!:

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Thx for the link, more articles to read! Wonderful to learn more on Cambodia, I have visited the country last year, fascinating.

I wonder though if the doughnuts scene would survive for a long time in California, now sugar overdose is a concern, and this dessert is not something existed in the Cambodian culture although they have been doing that for generations in US.

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Another is the Rev Moon, his church and sushi/sashimi.

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Plenty of folks in "healthy " locales still demand their sugar and coffee. Doughnuts are an American institution.
Besides us West Coasters love our junk food too, just not the same junk.
Our local doughnut shop just got sold and it had been owned by an Asian couple for 25 years, as they moved to LA to be with their kids.

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