Surprise behavior on quotes

When I quote an entire short message in order to provide context for my reply to it, the system deletes the quote. But the system doesn’t tell me about this - it just silently happens, making it look as if a strange error has occurred, which caused me to delete my post and try again, only to find that it still didn’t work, for no reason. Well, no apparent reason.

It would be nice if the system would refuse to add my post to the thread, give me a message that says “You can’t quote an entire message, please remove unnecessary parts”, and kick me back to editing my post. Or nice for all quotes to be accepted. But it isn’t very nice the way it is.

Testing your theory. I am able to post your entire message.

Yep, working.

I saw some of my posts having the same problem, the system automatically removes the quote silently, without informing. Sometimes, I checked my post and noticed that. Though, it doesn’t happened to all of my quotes post, but some.

I wonder the criterias to activate the system to do it. @hungryonion can you tell more?

This setting is the reason. The software tries to keep things neat.

That would be “small” rather than “neat”, but it makes sense anyway.

I don’t see that setting anywhere. Did you mean that it’s a choice made site-wide by admin? If so, why did others demonstrate it not happening to them? A newbie setting maybe?

Its an admin setting.

That I don’t know. I know it happened to me.

Oh well… now I know, anyway. Thanks!

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