Sura DC Thai popup: One night in Bangkok

Anyone been to this? Is it good?

It’s in the old Bangkok Thai space at 2016 P Street NW in dupont. I just noticed somebody coming out of it tonight so looked at the sign. It’s a fat nomads’ popup.

I found the menu:

I wanted to add a photo of their sign, but I couldn’t figure out how. Also had a hard time adding the address.

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Sounds good. They have some items on the pop up menu like corn kai kem and na tung chips that I doubt I can find elsewhere. I am definitely going to check it out!

Six folks from Hungry Onion got together and checked out the popup menu at Sura Thai. After we ate, the chef came out and explained, at least a little, of what was going on. He is from Fat Nomads, a ghost restaurant with no fixed address. Sura Thai in principle will operate as a kind of permanent location for pop ups. We’ll see what the future holds.

For now you can certainly have an excellent meal here with some guidance. It can rival the best in the area.

So here is the scoop: we had nine dishes, three of which were duds. The other six could form a memorable meal with an astounding array of flavors. We had:

duck larb
na tung chips and dips
spicy crudo shrimp
spicy pork belly rice
chicken hipaman

and the losers:
pad thai
corn kai kem
bean curd skin rolls

spicy crudo (you have the choice of salmon or shrimp) is a must order. Garlicky with pureed green thai peppers. I gulped down the sauce.

Chicken hipaman (cashew chicken) has a gorgeous grilled flavor and a nice glaze.

Pork belly has a lot of good things going on with a heat that builds. Meat comes out crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

Watercress had that great fresh texture

Duck larb was sensational, manage to taste like duck despite the spices, also with a dense meaty texture.

Crackers with the chips and dips tasted so fresh and good, dip is mild and appealing, goof contrast with the rest of the food.

Now for the duds:

Pad thai is with a sticky sweet sauce. Can’t taste anything else. Could be the worst I’ve ever had.

Bean Curd skin is all about the texture, which is completely destroyed here by slicing the roll and then frying each piece. Nothing to like about this.

Fresh corn should taste awesome no matter what. Just eat it off the ear, don’t need butter or anything. This had a pasty texture. Not actually bad, but it loses by miles to any fresh corn I eat at home.

I highly recommend going now while this menu is still being offered.


It was a nice dinner . This particular menu is only supposed to be through June, so you may want to try it soon. I had the passionfruit cocktail before dinner, and it was not memorable.