Supply chain problems with jars and bottles

No mention of whether or not the supply of home canning jars is affected. Autumn is an extra-bad time fir THAT to happen!

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This sucks. Maybe one should start stocking stuff now.

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The struggle is real and applies to paper and plastic food packaging as well. I started stocking up on holiday packaging in September and it has been a challenge. Discontinued here, out of stock there, tripled in price one place, supposedly in production but nowhere to be seen another.

I got my glass jars, though, and the good news there is my local supplier is back doing will-call pick up again. This time last year they weren’t allowing it and I had to pay them to ship UPS to my business 3 miles down the road. It really cut into my profits but I sucked it up. This year I’m raising prices.


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Jars & bottles have been a nightmare for the last year. This year, for the first time ever, we packaged a product in plastic. 8 oz Woozy bottles which we use for hot sauce are just not available anywhere in the CONUS. So we had to use plastic . Smooth quart mason jars have been very problematic as well. We’ve had trouble getting Hock bottles & vinaigrette bottles. In August my local supplier (that woman is a godsend) got a couple pallets of pints & tureen jars for jam. We bought 186 cases to get us through the end of the season.

Recently, Walmart has had some stock of Ball pints & quarts.


Agree, bottles and canning supplies (lids, rings, etc) are scarce here too - PNW. In fact, no two piece lid set ups to be found, only lid/ring combos available. Probably here to stay…BUT, have found some warped new lids that simply don’t fit the jars. Just one or two here and there, not like a whole defective pack. Luckily the giftees of my jams are returning their bottles, and I stocked up fairly well on lids, rings and 1 piece units last year. Hopefully that will see me through until next summer, but we’ll see.

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