Supply Bulk Foods

I just bought a boatload of items from Supply Bulk Foods. I picked up my loot from a Cambridge/Porter Square location which was way more convenient than picking up from their home location in Dorchester. Tons of nuts, dried pasta, dried ginger, dark chocolate almonds, veggie broth powders, dried red chili, Himalayan red rice…man, I went to town. And so happy.


This is just for my own curiosity. Their key stated mission is reducing food insecurity.

From their website, prices seem meaningfully higher for many things (I took a random look at a few spices - pepper, pasta, almonds, and so on).

I admire the mission to reduce-packaging and flexibility of quantities, but if someone can get almonds at $6/lb at TJs, and these are $16/lb, is it that Supply is available where TJs (or similar) might be inaccessible?

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Personally, I’m doing the best that I can. I try to avoid plastic packaging.I can’t speak for Alys, the owner, but she seems earnest.

You’re not kidding about the prices. They’re way more expensive than Whole Foods bulk or packaged even.