Supermarket Ground Coffee

I like to buy locally roasted, ground coffee at the store, such as Balzac’s, Fireroasted, Las Chicas del Café.

I also buy Lavazza, Van Houtte & Illy.

I buy ground Viennese-style coffee at the Polish grocery store.

Out of mass-produced coffee, I sometimes buy Nabob, Folger’s or Maxwell House. I have been buying more smaller batch coffees the past 2 years.


Oh, I forgot about Mrs Olson. My back hurts now. I’ll be sending you a bill.

So, anyone have a supermarket ground coffee the think is truly awful. My vote for here in the northeast is Hills Brothers Coffee. In the before times it was often on sale for a buck for the 1 lb can which is why I’d get it.

when the pandemic forced me from NYC, i had to find a new coffee, and it had to be supermarket brand. i grabbed a bag of Dunkin hazlenut and drank it for about a year and a half, until my food shopping got more adventurous and i found a cafe/roastery the next town over that really knocked my socks off. now i drink that. i still have an emergency bag of Dunkin in the pantry though.


There are plenty of alternatives at my local Ralphs–paper bag vs. can; bean vs. ground; house brand–many established names with fluctuating price points to tempt me–even if I stick to Colombian. Just got a great price on Peet’s colombian in bag ground. Once I open it, I’ll pour it into my Don Francisco can.

Not exactly Supermarket coffee yet I despise going to a restaurant and being served Sysco Columbian coffee.

Pretty sure I drank that in various offices for years, before high-quality coffee became A Thing.

You don’t mention whether you like the Sysco coffee brand. I find that it has an odd after taste.

Before Gourmet Coffee became ‘a thing’, I enjoyed Dunkin Donuts coffee.
Otherwise, you were having coffee at a restaurant or at home.
The donut places were not all that popular as they are today and coffee shops were non existent.

So Eight O’clock was a favourite growing up.
There were not that many choices of coffee. The other was the one with the slogan : ‘Good to the last drop’ (Maxwell House).

After that the options were all instant coffee Folders Crystals, Sanka, Nescafe etc.

It’s terrible, yeah :slight_smile:


Speaking of terrible… Fast Food CHAIN coffee over the years? Going back to oh '68-ish MacDonald’s came to our NYC suburb and its coffee was horrible! And no matter where/ what state I was living in or visiting-- NY, NJ, MA, RI, ME, KS, MO…prob CT & NH too when passing thru-- it was universally bad. I think BK’s was perhaps worse. :confounded:

Then, wonder of wonders, someone at Mcd’s got a clue :scream: 10+ years ago. It’s actually decent now. :partying_face: at least in the ones between ME & NJ.


Agree with you totally! I wouldn’t have believed it but my parents insisted it was great, so when on a road trip, we’ll often coffee up at McDonalds.
ETA: this applies to the ones I’ve visited mostly in the PNW, and inter mountain western states, Oregon and California.

McD’s coffee is remarkably good. A small can still be had for $1.00 at many locations.


If you have access. to Wegmans and like heavy, dark strong stuff…Try Wegmans Espresso. I, personally, got hooked right away. Also hard to beat at $17/ 3 lbs. I still like to treat myself to Death Wish coffee once in while, but that’s too expensive. Wegmans has their own milder coffee as well.

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I’ve read much about Wegmans online here but never visited one. Is it an espresso grind too or whole bean?

You can get both. I buy whole beans and grind them every morning. But you can buy ground there. Or another option is to buy whole and grind them yourself to your liking. They have grinders there as well.

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My problem with in house supermarket grinders is that even when the market has TWO grinders with clear signs FLAVORED ONLY & NON-FLAVORED ONLY! there’s always a fripping twit who ignores the signs. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Growing up, my dad’s coffee was Maxwell House, so that’s what I started with. Dunkin’ Donuts soon became the “fancier” coffee I moved to but dad was a frugal guy and never bought the ground coffee in the markets. This was before finding Starbucks, Green Mountain, Gevalia was common. I can’t even remember how Maxwell House tastes.

I will defend Taster’s Choice though. For years, after move out I couldn’t afford a good coffee maker, so I made do with Taster’s Choice at home. It’s a decent cup of coffee for instant. When I finally got a good coffee maker, I escalated to whole bean to Italian whole bean or espresso drinks pretty quickly.


I’ve been pretty happy with Peet’s Major Dickason’s Decaf in reusable Kcups in my Keurig but, then, I use quite a bit of flavored creamer foamed warm in an Aeroccino, so I’m certainly not a connoisseur. I just know a $9.99 bag lasts twice as long as a dozen pre made kcups that are usually $7-$8. .

I buy imported instant, as well as North American instant, for my iced coffees.

I like Davidoff and Tchibo instant, as as well as Greek Nescafé.

Greek Nescafe is essential for making real Greek frappes.

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