Superbowl Food - Houston

Articles regarding the food scene in Houston vis a vis the Super Bowl.

If you see any interesting articles, post 'em here.

Vogue - “…With robust international influences from a diverse population, the sprawling metropolis offers plenty of diverse neighborhoods to explore, along with exotic cuisines, of-the-moment boutiques, and innovative art offerings.” - "…if Houston has a problem, it’s too many options. " [Ain’t that the truth!]

Houston Press - “With all the fun brought on by Super Bowl LI, expect this week’s hottest culinary happenings to be tastier than ever:” - “Texas Short Rib Grilled Cheese” [Do want!]

Houston Chronicle - “Facilities management company Aramark on Tuesday unveiled the food that will be available for purchase during Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium.” [That might be the most tortured sentence I’ve ever read!]

Food and Wine, (Phaedra Cook Blog Post) - “Nothing puts the spurs to progress like a hard deadline. With Super Bowl 2017 approaching, top Houston chefs have raced to open exciting new restaurants downtown near the George R. Brown Convention Center, as well as in the restaurant-packed Montrose and Upper Kirby areas. If you’re coming to town for the game, here are the reservations to make right now.”

Food Network - "The host city of this year’s big game has a bustling art scene and a slew of international restaurants. We found plenty of reasons to visit now, or anytime.

What else you got?

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There’s a football game in town this weekend??? I thought the season was over a couple of months ago. Must be an important one, too. Even Vogue is covering it! (Sorry, Doob :innocent:).

I agree w/ - lordy, I’d hate to be a tourist trying to sort through all the hype these days - it’s hard enough for those of us who live here.

There were some places mentioned I’d never even heard of.

ETA: Let us know when you’ve got that ESPN sandwich ready to serve.

I’ll be making the pimento cheese later today. :wink:

I picked up ribs. I think I’ve made ribs one other time only, but they were pushing them at Kroger. I got a sous vide for Christmas and the recipes are 12-36 hours in the bath for ribs. I’m not up to that this weekend so I’ll oven them. Why isn’t the Super Bowl on a Saturday night? Doesn’t that seem obvious?

I picked up a couple of the HEB Prime Boneless Ribeyes they have on sale.

Baked potato and asparagus. Quick easy and Oh so delicious.

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Wifeacita and I will have, half four lobster tails from MY HEB. While not as good as live they are quite serviceable at 3.50 a pound and are delicious on a fresh flour tortilla with butter.

The tortillas will be provided by Las Locas Fajitas on Bingle along with their wonderful chips and salsas.

I’m following Doobs’ lead and am getting Prime steaks from MY HEB, a strip and a ribeye. You can get them separate but you pay a buck a pound more.

I’m waiting until Monday to get them for MY VACATION. Other VACATION food highlights will be a trip to Seabrook to procure some ostiones, (oysters) to fry up.

Saturday will see a trip to Carrabba’s Kirby for an early Valentine dinner. I’ve got 200 bucks budgeted and we will feed like pigs!


I always take the Monday after the Big Game off so I can enjoy it better. This year I took the whole week off.

As for a Saturday night game, I believe it’s because the networks perceive better ratings on Sunday but I could be wrong.

Edit, I am right about ratings but there other reasons.

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When @fluffbakebar and @LouieMuellerBBQ get together you get beef rib and croissant sandwiches. Excellent! #SuperBeef #HouBBQ #SuperBowl

— Houston BBQ Festival (@HouBBQ) February 5, 2017

I was trying to embed a video from Twitter about the beef rib sandwiches being served but I don’t know how to do it. Scroll down on the feed to the video posted about 12 N on 2/5.

Well, the other pictures aren’t too hard to look at either.

I think I want a sandwich.

CORRECTION: if you click on the last link, beginning with you go straight to the video.

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I went to the store around noon on a whim to get some wings. Nary a wing in sight. Probably gouged for them anyway like the $200 parking spot and $800 hotel rooms I’ve been hearing about. By the way, Lady Gaga attended church in Houston this morning. They say she killed on the hymns. :innocent::innocent:


I’ve got a stash of wings at 50 dollars each for sale but stay away from my lobster tails.

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I saw wings at Aldi Sunday, frozen. Didn’t really look at the refrigerator cases. And it was like they had an extra truck load or two of pizzas, both frozen and refrigerated. And chips on display at five different places including where they usually put seasonal stuff.

I guess I hadn’t realized wings were now the signature SB food item.

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I had wings early afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday. Since we’re discussing sourcing, I picked up a package at Costco with six pounds in six individual packs. Each pound contained 10 wings or so. I had separated and frozen them. Sunday’s pound contained nine drumettes and one flap. I’m not complaining but that’s pretty unusual.

I marinated them for a few hours in orange juice concentrate, chipotle adobo and garlic, salt and pepper. Oven cooked them at 425’ for about 30 minutes turning once.

Since you asked, later on we had stuffed jalapenos, boneless ribeyes and asparagus all cooked on the grill. And a baked potato. (I nuked it.)

I was rooting for the Falcons, but Jeez, what are you gonna do about that Brady fella?


I’d be complaining about that, I’m a flapper all the way.

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I am not making this up but when I saw flapper I immediately thought 1920’s flapper.

By the way, I am also a wing flapper.

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I love me some Clara Bow.

As for wings, I’ll take drumettes or flaps but prefer a nice mixture.

Let’s eat!

Doobs, have you been to Randall’s at BW8 & Memorial lately? A newly installed wing bar has grabbed my attention twice now. I prefer the flappers only so, bonus, I get only those. Plus they are very good and there is a variety of 6 flavors and 2 boneless flavors. Around $6.99 lb I think. They stock it fresh around lunch time.

I had a fabulous time.

I will have to check that out Lambow.