Superb Portuguese Meal at Sagres Restaurant in Fall River MA

We were on a day trip to visit Portugalia Portuguese Market in Fall River on a Wednesday this week. (More on that in another post). Lunch recommendations brought us to Sangres (pronounced San-grezh’). Lovely quiet room despite many tables filled with hefty men deep in conversation, couples, and two-generation couples. Pleasant service. Excellent menu. Not cheap but not over-the-top either. Another strong suggestion from a local persuaded me to order the grilled octopus with potatoes, roasted red and green peppers, sliced onions, garlic, olives and olive oil. Tender Octopus. Best version of octo I’ve ever had, bar none. Brought home enough for supper. My dining companion ordered the Caldcirada A Portuguesa - an array of fresh seafood, monkfish, shrimp, littlenecks, cod and calamari, baked in an aromatic tomato bouillabaisse sauce with boiled potatoes. Deeply flavorful broth, a metal stew pot filled to the brim with seafood. Again, more than enough for a delightful second meal. We shared a brisk glass of vinho verde that was a fizzy, citrusey slurp.

Parking is difficult since they only have a small lot, but you can park on the street. This would be great for a celebratory dinner or just when you are craving fresh seafood lovingly prepared. Worth the drive from Boston. Each of us spent just under $40 for lunch and it was worth it. Go there now!


Looks amazing! So does their menu. Thanks for the intel!


^ This has long been on my want-to-do list. I’ll be the person hanging on every word that you may decide to write.

Oh, and your Portuguese lunch at Sangres
sounds so enticing. My kind of day trip!


A great old standby that I go back with a loooong time! Most recently brought friends there in 2019, as good as ever. If memory serves, we also got the caldcirada as well as pork and clams. Their new space surprised me: so slick and nightclubby. The original was ancient and pretty dusty, with a ramshackle charm. The good news is the food didn’t suffer in the move. Glad they’re thriving!


Sagres Restaurant got a new website with their complete menu and drinks menu online. I can’t enter their new website here because it won’t allow me. But its Sagresfr, you can just do a google search or Facebook search and it lists the newer website if you want to look at the complete menu with prices.


It’s probably because this is your first post.
Thanks for the information; we hope to head down to Fall River and New Bedford soon.

Here’s the link to the new Sagres website.

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