Super exotic and expensive fruits located in Markham, Ontario


Parade of some, really, really exotic and expensive fruits


Peruvian Sun King Mangoes, super-rare Japanese Miyaki Kaniyuku Mangoes, Japanese Nagasaki Loquat, Chinese Kristal Smile Lychees…


Dude… these are cheap. What are you talking about? This is expensive. 6 strawberries for about $50.

Slightly off topic, or $400 gram of tea for $2300. (almost $6 per gram, so a 4 gram brew is about $24 drink)

$68 for a Mango is cheap?! May be you made a ton of money shorting the stock market today? :laughing:

It surprises me there’s a market like that for them. I’m guessing the mark up is astronomical squared.

Oh!! You’ll be surprised how quickly those fruits were being gobbled up by affluent Mainlander Chinese!!


Indeed I would be surprised.

These look like the “pineapple strawberries” they sell at Aldi for $4.99/box.

I see.


I’m having trouble finding “Peruvian mango king”, but I found “Peruvian” mangos called Kent and Keit. Are the mangos in the picture grown in Japan and shipped to Canada?


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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr