Super Bowl Food Houston

The Wifeacita just called and said MY HEB has crawfish.

It won’t be a game changer for us. We quickly decided to stay with our original plan of chips and queso, heavily doctored by her, from El Gallo plus carnitas from Pancho’s Meat Market on Long Point wrapped in fresh HEB flour tortillas.

What say you people?


I’m going with sliced grilled green onion sausage from Chappell Hill and pepper jack cheese cubes. Also wings in a Thai red chili/lime sauce. And fresh pico de gallo with goodies I picked up at Dilorio Farms in Brenham yesterday.

I paid $7 for 1-1/2 lbs of wings at HEB. i think the price goes up on Super Bowl Commercials Sunday.

I was thinking of KC BBQ with rice-a-roni and sourdough bread, then thought better.

Who are we supposed to root for between commercials anyway?

And on that topic, I’m glad Mr Peanut’s life has been spared. For now.


I know we beat your ass, but y’all should still root for the AFC team.
49’ers suck.
Just sayin’.

But you were right scared there for a while, weren’t you?


Also, PSA, JJ Watt is “cooking with gas” on SNL tonight.


I was leaning Cheaps because the Wifeacta likes some quarterback guy but after this vicious attack I’m firmly in the 49’er camp.


QB guy is righteous Texan, Tyler grown. Wifeacita has good taste. But we already knew that.


Quasi Californians.
Bah humbug.

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Yes but he went to college in Lubbock…Kansas.

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True dAt.!!

What, exactly position did you play?

I, on the other hand, am on the PUP list due to knee and hip replacements but fully expect to be ready for training camp and 100 percent participation.

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Chiefs fans everywhere knew the force was with them.
I was a first baseman myself.
Totally useless fun fact.
Dr. Phil was on our state championship football team, class of 68.
He was another Texas-Kansas-Texas guy moving to KC with his divorced dad, then went back to N. Texas State, I think :thinking:
He wanted an appearance fee to come to his 50th reunion.
They didn’t pay him.


Sorry :neutral_face: