[Sunnyvale] Tong Sui

I am not really a Chinese dessert person when I eat out, because most of the dessert places act like they found a deal on sugar at 90% off and end up dumping 4x the needed amount of sugar into their dessert because they need to figure out a way to use up all the sugar.

Not so at Tong Sui in Sunnyvale. Their taro & ube sago is spot on. Just enough sweetness to let you enjoy the flavor of the taro and ube inside. And I don’t really like taro and ube. Would totally go back and try their other offerings.

I wanted to try their black sesame dessert but they were out that night. Has anyone tried anything else here? Any other Chinese dessert place worth going to?


Black sesame coconut pudding. I can see why everyone seems to like this dish. Very enjoyable. Black sesame has just the right amount of sweetness. And the coconut pudding, which is a base for many of their desserts, is delicious.

Same taro and ube sago as last time

Black sesame milk. They say they make it with Alexandre’s A2 milk. That alone probably qualifies them to have the best quality milk used in such dessert places. I ordered it with 50% sugar. Comes with sea salt cream. Its pretty nice. Though I prefer the black sesame coconut pudding.


Gave this place a shot at the San Mateo location (it honestly looks like a little pop up store front). No chairs or tables to eat at, but perfectly fine for grab and go. Think I forgot to take any pictures, but tried their mango, strawberry, and regular coconut flavor (which is actually the base for all their desserts). I honestly thought it would be a dessert soup place but go figure its actually well… pudding haha.

I agree with your assessment, not too sweet! The strawberry was a little less in your face, but I definitely enjoyed the mango flavor.

Small note, if you return 10 jars, you get a free base coconut pudding for free.

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