[Sunnyvale] The Gurkha Kitchen- Nepalese

Got some interesting Nepalese takeouts from The Gurkha Kitchen yesterday:

Khasi Ko Sekuwa

A variation of the choila dish. The first day I got the dish, I was ok with it. Now its the second day, I am growing fonder and fonder of the dish and polishing off the leftovers as I type. I try to place the seasoning in the soy beans but just couldn’t. It has red onion, tomatoes and maybe parsley. There’s a certain bitterness that makes it quite interesting. The chewy goat is also well-seasoned and enjoyable. Comes with a delicious mildly spiced Himalayan-flavored potato salad with cucumbers. Rice flakes on the side. An acquired taste for me but I end up liking it quite a bit.

Machha Tareko

Salty fried boned-in little fishes with a tomato-based sauce. The Nepalese version of beer snacks? :smiley:

Punjabi Tandoori chicken leg

For the kids. Its seasoned slightly differently compared to the ones found at Indian restaurants. And it comes with what’s best described as a green vinegary salsa type sauce. That sauce makes the dish tick.

Overall, an interesting and nice meal. Would love to try the other items on the menu.



The 75cent SAMOSAS from the Indian Grocery Store next door to GK are decent.
Although they downgraded the chutney options to these “Samosa Chutney” packets.