[Sunnyvale] Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant 西貢漁港

Used to eat dinner at Saigon quite often before I moved away from the area. Ate here recently after finding out the steamed rice/ ramen place next door was closed on Saturdays. (What restaurant closes on Saturdays?!)

Empress yellow feather chicken. Delicious and intensely chicken-y. We make this regularly at home but can’t make it as well as they do.

Crab, scallop egg white tofu and brocolli. Savory sauce. Quite nice.


Soup of the night. Just ok though comfy.

Dry stir fried beef ho fun. Respectable.

Overall, solid Cantonese classics. Happy to come back if we are closer.


Oh, that looks wonderful, even with American broccoli. Have to admit I haven’t been that pleased with the SSH in Richmond at the 99Ranch mall (Pacific East Mall). Sometimes it’s good and sometimes…not so much. Gets a little heavy-handed with the msg at times.

I’d agree with you with cook turnover, the quality tends to vary over the years, between decent and good.