[Sunnyvale, CA] Mezze Turkish BBQ

Mezze Turkish BBQ took over the Taverna Bistro space on Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale. We had lunch there on a recent Saturday. It was previously called T.B. Mezze. Wondering if there’s a connection to Taverna Bistro?

Combo mezze contains hummus, babaganoush, kyopolou, shakshuka, haydari and spicy ezme. Tasted homemade. The haydari, which was very fresh and refreshing with its minty, dill-y, yogurt-y flavors, stood out for me. The rest ranged from fairly nice, like the hummus and the kyopolou, to solid.

Grilled octopus. Very tender perfectly grilled and seasoned octopus. I’d come back just for this.

Adana kekab- minced spiced lamb and beef skewer. Texture a bit overcooked and chewy, even though it looked a bit undergrilled. Unmemorable. Should have just grabbed another order of octopus.

Foamy yogurt drink was very light and refreshing.

Overall, the octopus was fabulous, and it seems like yogurt-related items were pretty good as well.

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