[Sunnyvale] Burma Taste- solid Burmese

This was a meal from December, when Burma Taste was in its first week of opening. I was quite ecstatic to see a Burmese restaurant open close to home so I went to grab some takeouts for dinner. They are on Murphy Ave in Sunnyvale.

I asked the server where the chef came from and she said he cooked at Burmese Superstar in SF. Overall the meal was very solid. Happy to go back again.

We had:

Garlic noodle. Egg noodle with a great firm texture and flavor. Normally don’t have much expectations for a simple dish but they did the dish proud.

Chicken biryani. Nicely done. Chicken was succulent and well seasoned.

Mohinga- a pretty good version. We liked it.

Nan Gyi Thoke. Don’t remember much other than we liked the mohinga more than the nan gyi thoke but its pretty decent.

Many other restaurants around here would give you gigantic noodle and rice dishes. Not here. The portion was, ahem, Burmese. But the flip side is, make sure you order enough.



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Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr