[Sunnyvale] Aachi Aappakadai- Chettinad eats

Have been to Aappakadai a couple of times now. Have not quite figured out the menu yet. Have been ordering randomly off the menu but I guess I really should have gotten the appams. So far, I have tried:

Naattukozhi biryani

Amber mutton biryani

Masala dosa


The food seemed decent but need to try their specialties. Any not-to-be-missed dishes?

Weekend specials menu:

In the space that used to be occupied by Fresh Choice. Next to Felipe’s and Apna Bazar. So, can get some Indian and non-Indian grocery shopping done afterwards.

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Have you had their Thali? It is a good way to get a taste of a number of the Curries. I would stick to the Non-Veg Food they do a better Job with that.
I have had both the Appams and Parrotas with Chicken and Goat Curry respectively and they are very good.
I really like the Chef’s Special Chicken with Curry Leaf Paste. Though I would like it spicier it is quite good as is.
Both the Mutton Roast and Chicken Chettinadu are also nice and very spicy.
You can also order Appams on the side with whatever you want.

I would be there more if my Husband liked the Veg Food better.

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For representative dishes, I’d go for the nattu kozhi roast (country chicken with dry gravy) or pepper fry - both with parathas (which are the very flaky kind popular now as Malaysian parathas), or the appams with gravy or kheema.

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