Sunday = CH Mods day off?

My bad. That was a reply intended for Kaleo.

Oh, good. I was worried that I’d sleep-posted or something.

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Site influencers are groups of a certain type of people who are active on social media and blogs, and can drive additional eyes to your website. It’s yet another marketing tool in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. But it can also be companies who are advertising on the site because of a “likeness” to the website. They’ll link CH on their site, and drive more eyes to CH due to that minimal bit of advertising.

So YES - those of us Hounds who used to be on CH were site influencers. Thinking back upon how often I used to reference Chowhound in my offline comments or on sites other than CH, that is being a site influencer. I can think of 10-20 people who never knew what CH was, but I would later find them using CH as a reference point if asked a question.

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Wherever she’s been, she’s back.

I saw that! Guess I was wrong.

Could someone test something for me? If you have posted photos, log in and see if you get an option to delete them?

I no longer see that option! I logged in for the first time in over 3 months just to delete the last pic I uploaded, though it’s not my own. I deleted ALL my own photos as soon as they rolled out the wretched design.

@Presunto, to the best of my knowledge, you can no longer delete ANY of your own pictures. I was unable to do so after requesting to be reinstated after my suspension. First thing I did after reinstatement was to go to my profile. Clicking on a picture now brings you to that specific post, where before, you were able to delete them.

If you were able to delete them at the beginning, I couldn’t find it, so you were lucky you were able to delete yours.

Thanks, LW.

Yeah, there used to be a delete option right under each photo. I immediately deleted them all, hundreds of them.

They steal from us all, not only our info/knowledge but also the photos! I’m sure they’ve reworded the terms to “we own everything you post”.

And that’s why I wish I had deleted mine in time. I should have done so while the old format was still available. Didn’t think of it until after the beta had gone live. :frowning:

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I was cleaning out my inbox this morning and I found this October '14 email from Laurel, one of the old CH mods:

Sorry but the posts here seem to be getting increasingly unfriendly, so we’ve removed them. If you made any posts with on topic points you’d like a copy of, so you can edit and repost, please let us know. Laurel

My how things changed over there! Anyone know if Laurel is still there, was sent to “re-education” camp, or quit?


I believe she’s playing Nurse Ratched in some community play.

As bad as the moderation was, it’s still remarkable that they once allowed people to keep their own posts even though they were deleted. Now? No way.

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