Sunday = CH Mods day off?

They seem to be gone for now, so if you’re still able to post, this would be a good time to let other Hounds know about this site.

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I’d love to see the post that made you say that. :wink:

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A few fairly mild ones on Site Feedback. Under the new regime, they would not stand. Also looked and couldn’t find any comments from any of the mods today.

I’ll give it a try. I’ve already been warned, so I may be getting a suspension or ban.

Good luck!

Marrsy confirmed that there are (allegedly) still volunteer mods there. I wonder how many there are compared to the past— it’s asking a lot of them to clean up after the mess created by a premature release, especially the burden of tagging old posts since that feature doesn’t work yet.


Posted in Restaurants & Bars with a few tags instead of posting on Site Feedback. Tried to not make it obvious that I was trying to drum up users for Hungry Onion. Maybe a few people will see it.


Pretty sly, Joe; nicely done!

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Dropped another mention of Hungry Onion on the Home Cooking board at CH. That board seems to have more activity than many of the others.

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Great! Home Cooking has a very devoted following. Linquafood has created a FB account that is incredibly active.

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Good job! You’ll probably get taken down early tomorrow, but in the meantime, lots of Hounds will have seen your post.

This is hilarious.

Chowhound: Our offices will be closed Dec. 25-Jan. 3, but we’ll be checking in occasionally to troubleshoot any issues.May your holidays be happy and delicious!

MC Michael: Seriously? Take the year off.

I casually mention HungryOnion a couple months ago, which was promptly deleted. I received a snarky email from Marrsy advising that it was inappropriate to mention competing sires, admonishing me not to let it happen again… f#*# CH.

they just. don’t. get. it.

Marssy’s last post was two weeks ago. I suspect she may be gone. (As I would certainly be, if my job description had changed from “community manager” to “dartboard.”)

Now THAT is interesting. Wonder about vipgeorges?

He still lists CH as his employer on LinkedIn.

Obviously a number of other reasons why someone may not be at work for a little while.

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Absolutely. But usually, if someone who’s one of the “faces” of an organization goes on a planned leave, she announces it, along with her expected date of return. If that happened, I missed it.

Absolutely. Although she may be unwell, of course. Or needed to take urgent compassionate leave. Although you may well have been right.