sun sai gai closes bakery [NYC]

one of our favorite food games was bringing home baked pork buns from sun sai gai and mei la wah, our family of five sat around the table trying to determine which was better and why. Stopped by last week sadly to find ssg’s bakery is gone. they also had one of my favorite dan tat…


If we’re talking about the same Sun Sai Gai, on a corner just off Canal, for me it’s been my leaving-or-entering-the-subway go-to for crispy pig or roast duck on rice, for as long as I can remember. I hadn’t thought of it as a bakery.

I’d always walk a block uphill to the bank on the next corner, whose Brutalist facade (shown here in 2018 with blinds drawn) made for peaceful sidewalk snacking.


it is that SSG, as you walk in, the bakery was on the left. I haven’t enjoyed their prepared food and usually opt for ny noodletown or big wong for roast meat, but will give their bbq a try.’


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