Sumo Sushi, Tuckahoe, NY

We ordered a Maki feast from the relatively new Sumo Sushi and Hibachi on Columbus Ave in Tuckahoe last night. Apparently the location was home to another Japanese restaurant and recently taken over by new owners. I usually try to order directly from restaurants rather than using Ubereats or other delivery services, but unfortunately this restaurant is not offering delivery by any other means at the moment, so Ubereats was the only option.

Anyway, we sampled a variety of their maki, including quite a few of their half-price special rolls, which at $8 are a great value. Everything tasted fresh and they didn’t overdo the rice or skimp on the fish. The rolls with salmon were especially good. One oddity - many items had “fire musket” listed as an ingredient. I assumed this was a misspelling or perhaps a bad translation, but a Google search didn’t give me any clues. The rolls I ordered that listed it as an ingredient had a spiciness that was different from wasabi - perhaps a spicy mustard powder? Has anyone ever encountered this term before?

Anyway, if you are in the area and looking for good mid-range sushi, I would recommend them!


Just a guess that it’s a house sauce.

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@Respectfully_Declined - I’ve never seen you on this board before. Do you live in NY/CT area? Welcome , either way!

Thank you. I’m new to the board and still learning my way around.

I mainly live in Minnesota but have an escape place in Southern California too.

Which wine country, if I may ask?

We used to go out to the Napa valley and Sonoma county pretty much every year. It just started getting way to expensive. I also worked for the fine wines division of Kendall Jackson for a few years so I got out to Santa Rosa a bit.

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Not relevant to this post, but the name of this restaurant got me giggling about how funny it would be if there was an American restaurant in Japan that was named something like “Baseball Burgers”. :laughing:

Wonderful. I once lived in Marin and Sonoma Counties, and made many-a-trip to the Napa Valley. Beautiful country! I still buy Kendall Jackson.

One of my favorite wineries to visit was Sterling. I enjoyed the tram and the view from the upper level terrace. Saturday and Sundays were especially nice watching the colorful hot air balloons making their way through the valley from Vacaville.

Yes, one year we stayed at the yountville inn and they were inflating the balloons right behind our room. I dot not make it up the sterling tram. I was shaking too hard!

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I understand there is to be a sister restaurant with more of an emphasis on liquor, It is to be called -
WACKY-SAKI. (Sorry I did not post this on April 1 :slight_smile:

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