Summer = Pineapple!

Luv pineapple, and usually enjoy it year round one way or another, but Summer just says pineapple. What are your favs?

Here is one of mine (and I’ll post others later on)…

Bun: a good whole wheat, onion, or King’s Hawaiian, browned in butter.
Layer 1: coarsely chopped iceberg and white onion, tossed in mayo.
Layer 2: burger, topped with melted pepperjack or swiss.
Layer 3: fresh pineapple ring (lightly grilled optional).
Topping: a liberal coating of Soy Vay Very Teriyaki marinade/sauce (necessary).

Pop that bun top on and enjoy!

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Every year my husband visits his sister in Hawaii and brings back pineapple. They are delicious, much better than the ones I get in Los Angeles, CA.

Here are some of the recipes I make with them:

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I have a client in Maui who used to send me boxes of Maui Golds (delicious). I do upside down cake and sorbets all the time… plus pina colada style smoothies and cocktails from frozen. The Paletas look interesting so I’ll have to give them a try.

Now I know many folks don’t like pineapple on their pizza, but this one is designed for it…

Sauce: Stubb’s original with brown sugar, fresh lime juice, and micro-planed ginger.
Cheese: whole milk low moisture mozzarella.
Toppings: chopped bacon, chopped BBQ’d chicken thigh, caramelized onions, small chunks fresh pineapple.


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The ones I’ve had from the store have been kick ass this year. Love 'em.

I remember in the early 90’s when I lived in Ecuador I was driving from Quito (13,000 ft. high) to Esmeraldas on the coast in an International Scout (loved that ting). On the way, it gets warmer and warmer as you descend in altitude. Middle of nowhere, I’m parched, and I see a little roadstand (Pinas de Hawaii). Had to pull over. They had nice long slices that had been sitting in chipped ice. Those pieces of fruit, in the state I was in, so hit the spot, I still remember it like yesterday.


Here’s another (inspired by Kelbo’s in L.A.)…

Bun: King’s Hawaiian, browned in butter or toasted.
Layer 1: BBQ or smoked honey glazed ham, thinly sliced (deli style cut).
Layer 2: fresh pineapple ring (lightly grilled optional - but I prefer raw).

Arrange wadded up ham slices (you want lots of folds in it) in a steamer, while adding Stubb’s Original with some fresh OJ in a skillet and simmer to thicken. As soon as the ham is steaming hot, add to skillet and toss to coat liberally. Add to bun, top with pineapple… and serve with dill pickle spear and pickled shaved carrot strips.

Simple… doable in 7 minutes… delish!