Summer picnics with music at Carl Schurtz Park, Manhattan...

We enjoy meeting up with family for summer music nights at Carl Schurtz Park on the East River near Gracie Mansion. We all bring something the eat whether home cooked, or store bought. There are nearby Whole Foods and Fairway markets. The Vinegar Factory has closed for daily business. Any other picnic suggestions?

Other options:

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Thanks, small h! I used to visit Agata’s when my daughter lived on 81st…

You’re welcome! This would be my first choice for picnic stuff, but it’s pretty far away.

Oooh! I had no idea about this place!! Looks really amazing and i’m in that neighborhood with some frequency, i will definitely go there soon :))

Along the same lines there’s Beyogolu much closer to the concert park, the OP could do take away of their various mezze (which are really well priced) to have with veggies or pita chips/pitas.

Or there’s Vietnaam on 2nd ave near 88th for take away summer rolls and bahn mi

Gulluoglu is VERY good, and I usually don’t get that excited over prepared salad-y things. I definitely found it through someone on Chowhound, but I can’t find the exact thread or I’d give a shout out to that person.

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I have passed by Beyogolu many times but never stopped in. Will next time. Vietnam has become a mainstay for us when we have a yen for Vietnamese. Consistently good. Never thought about it for picnicking, but some of the dishes could work…

During my wonderful Summer of Unemployment a few years ago i made sure to see every. concert possible- i became a picnic packing pro! Summer rolls were one of my go-to dishes because they were easy to make ahead (and cheap!) and refreshing.
I’m thinking the papaya salads and bahn mi would also be great. I would pack a few frozen water bottles next to anything that needed to stay cold and that worked great. And because we were twits the snapple bottles we brought were generally either full of wine or vodka lemonade… :wink: