Summer 2019 ... road trip worthy destination eating NY, CT, NJ

Summer is almost here and many of us enjoy road tripping … day trips, weekend getaways … There are so many interesting and delicious destinations in the tri state area … Please share your favorite restaurants, farm stands, towns. If you are headed to a particular destination Long Island beaches, Jersey Shore, Hudson Valley, Costal Connecticut where do you stop along the way.

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I’d like to take another road trip to Rhinebeck. Cute little town, but more important, a lovely French restaurant called Le Petit Bistro. Fabulous French food in such a quaint atmosphere. And we went to Terrapin for really good desserts which we ate at the bar. I know its old fashioned but I still love molten chocolate cake, and there’s was perfect. Nice, gooey ooze in the middle!


If your travel plans include NJ work in a farm stop. Fun, educational, tasty fresh road food and supportive of the farms still working hard for us.

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It was 2012 when we visited Mystic, CT so these places may well be very out of date and have disappeared altogether. But we enjoyed them then.

Sea Swirl - classic clam shack

Bravo Bravo - Italianish. Possibly the most enjoyable meals we had that trip to America (dinner with LindaWhit & GretchenS excepted)

Flood Tide - Great views, pianist, good seafood.


Thanks for taking the time to post from across the pond … Sea Swirl, seasonal and Bravo Bravo are still open and continue to be highly recommended, Flood Tide has closed.

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Do you know where in NJ you will be going?

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This thread is for anyone traveling within the tri state … looking for travel worthy destinations

If you like sculpture this park is a must. Food via their site:


The Outdoor Café, Café Cart, and Food Truck offer a variety of options – made from organic, locally grown ingredients, whenever possible – as well as items appropriate for younger visitors. All food locations at Storm King are outdoors and operated by Fresh Company of Garrison, NY.

Outdoor Café
Serves sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts, soft drinks, wine, beer, cider, and coffee.
Open Wednesday – Sunday: 11AM – 4PM
Menu available at

Café Cart
Carries lighter fare, sandwiches, desserts, soft drinks, and coffee.
Open Friday + Weekends, starting Friday, May 24

Food Truck
Serves lunch options, soft drinks, ice cream, and snacks.
Open Weekends, starting Friday, May 24

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I was searching Google for something else and ran into this. The red store is way down south and Nicholas is central nj. Both are somewhat close to the beach, while the others are not. Nicholas is a place I would consider a destination meal. I haven’t been to the others though.

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Small venue concerts followed by potluck meal. If you crave fun and unique experiences.


Thanks for the update. We did toy with the idea of stopping in Mystic again on last years trip but decided on New Haven which we hadnt visited before. Some good eats in the city at Basta, Zinc and Heirloom.

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We have been doing quite a bit of hiking in the Hudson Valley lately - Storm King Mountain is next on our list, so thanks for the recs up there! We always make a point to stop at Bellvale Creamery near Warwick for ice cream if we are on the west side of the river - worth the trip.


Mystic, CT: Red 36 and Oyster Club
Stonington, CT: Breakwater, Dog Watch, Milagro Cafe

Westerly RI is just around the corner. They are some great spots there to try as well: Maria’s Seaside Cafe and Bridge are good - Malted Barley has an extensive beer selection

Rhinebeck is a nice little town with some great antique shops. We haven’t been there in a while, but we loved Terrapin. You should try eating dinner there as well, if you are staying more than one day.
Woodstock is another cool little town with some great shops. The Bear cafe was a nice little place with a huge outdoor dining deck along a creek. We used to like New World Home Cooking with Chopped champion Ric Orlando, but that has since closed.

We had lunch at Terrapin. We only had two nights and we went to CIA . I wish we hadn’t. It felt like a tourist trap. Would have had dinner at Terrapin. My cousin used to live in Woodstock so we’ve been there too. Can’t remember,her where we ate dinner. Of course, I was there in the 60s too!

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We spend a lot of time in the Woodstock/Phoenicia area and go up a few times a year. Our favorites over the years have been:
Peekamoose (past Woodstock by about 30 min), Sweet Sue’s (extremely hit or miss if they are open), Tinker Tacos (seems erratic hours too, pricey but tasty), Bread Alone.

I’ll need to think about others. Plenty of bad meals come to mind too…

I went last fall for a few days and we had the most incredible meal at this modern Indian restaurant Cinnamon. Coming from nyc we were frankly baffled as to how freaking delicious everything was. Reservations are a good idea for dinner, it was seriously crowded on a random tuesday night in october when we went


Rhinebeck gets very busy on the weekends in the summertime. Some recommendations there:

Cinnamon is the best Indian in the county. They have an excellent buffet, but their regular menu offers many options beyond Tikka Masala.

Bia is due to open soon. It’s supposed to be Irish-centric, but the dishes also incorporate Spanish and other options. Rich Reeve (former owner / chef of Elephant in Kingston, which I loved) is in the kitchen, so I have no doubt the food will be excellent.

Pizzeria Posto is excellent Napolitano style pizza. Bun’s Burgers is west one street off 9/Market St and serves local beef/chicken etc.

I have not been to Market Street or Amsterdam, but I’ve heard positive things.

The Local changed to a fish place last year, and has since closed, to be reopened by The Amsterdam owners.

The farmer’s market is open on Sundays and gets quite busy.

If you wander down to CIA other than for the views or their library of excellent books, the Apple Pie Bakery is usually the best place to get a quick snack. They also sometimes have interesting pop-ups, and a Sake Bar is under construction, I think across the street? I recommend people going to the CIA eat in Poughkeepsie (less than 10 minutes) because the options are much better.

And if you’re looking across the river in Kingston is Wilde Beest. Small pricy plates which you don’t have to be dressed up for to eat. Outstanding flavor combinations and food you won’t get at any place north of Manhattan; the swordfish belly is one of my favorite dishes to eat.


FYI Terrapin Has always been my go to for lunch , in the Bistro room.


Another Rhinebeck find: Aba’s for truly excellent falafel (and sabich and whatever soup they are making that day).