Sum Ramen-Westfield

I had my first real Ramen Experience today.
Back when I watched movies, Tampopo was one of my favorites. It is a Japanese movie about a woman’s quest to serve the best ramen. I had always wanted to try but never had.
Stopped in to Sum Ramen in Westfield and was not disappointed. Delicious Tonkatsu broth with seared Pork Belly. Buddy had Oxtail, a recent menu addition.
Great service, great experience. I even touched my Pork Belly with the chopsticks like the old man in the movie.
Do have to mention the Chicken Wing appetizer. The wings were the flat part only but they were separated lengthwise and served as two separate pieces. Were tasty but would pass on these again.


That sounds amazing! I remember that film… Might be worth watching again!
If you’re looking for more ramen to try, I think Ani Ramen is fantastic. And don’t miss their crunchy shrimp buns! They have six or seven locations in NNJ now… Closest to Westfield would be Cranford.

GF has no interest so have to take advantage when I can escape! So good.
Mountain Way->Borough->MHS Class of '82. Sun Valley Way. Gene’s Market, Gentleman’s Quarters, Botwin’s, Quick Chek. You are probably a few years behind me.

NOPE! PHHS '83 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And I must admit that I don’t know most of the places you name.! I ate my first real Chinese food in the Morris county mall, we went to Harrison and Newark for Spanish food, and always – Denville Dairy for ice cream! Still go there when I’m in the area.

There are so many great ramen places in NJ now there are no shortage of options! It’s a little annoying that ramen is trending hard and tend to be super expensive. Gotta do a trip to Japan where you can still get a humble bowl for 5 bucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Last time I ate ramen it was in NYC, the bowl was 18 bucks and after I ate it it didn’t feel like I even had any food in me.


Yeah, the last few times I’ve had Ani Ramen (which I loooove), I’m blown away by the check. But it’s a treat…

I am glad you mention this so it is not just me that feel this way. :grinning:
Bowl of noodle suppose to me cheap eats. Ramen or Noodle shop in Asia are places where you grab a quick bite and get in and out within 30 minutes.
I am not saying the ramen is not good in NJ or they should charge less because most of these ramen places do seem to use quality noodles and meat; and the going price for any pasta dish anyway is probably the same.
It’s just that it doesn’t feel right with me after forking out around $100 after tax and tips for my family of 4. No matter how enjoyable the noodles are, I can’t help but feel, “damn, that’s too much money 4 four bowls of noodles” :sweat_smile: Should have just stay home and make some Nissin or Shin ramens. :wink:



Hey if you haven’t tried Sun Ramen noodles I highly recommend. You can get them on sale at HMart for like 2 bucks a pack, and especially the tantan is like restaurant quality. I make chashu and slice and keep it in the freezer, with the sun ramen pack and chashu, a couple toppings and you have near restaurant quality ramen in the comfort of your own home!