Suka Restaurant in the Inner Richmond -- New for Indonesian (SF)

Suka Restaurant opened less than two weeks ago at 445 Balboa. It’s somewhere between Indonesian and “Indonesian-inspired” and they seem to be still feeling out customer expectations. I went there last night to check out one of their noodle dishes for my blog.

I hope someone more familiar than I with Indonesian cuisine will check it out and report on what’s good. It’s currently only open for dinner on weekdays; on the weekends they have a separate brunch menu.


New Hours from 10 am M-F
Saturday & Sunday 8 am
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Nice breakfast today.
Corned Beef, eggs, potatoes, sourdough toast. $13
Suka Special - my favorite: eggs poached in seasoned tomato sauce with slices of hot sausage, spinach; potatoes on the side with sourdough toast. $12
Hot Ginger Tea $2.50 strong and spicy - just like I would make it at home.

Hours have changed as of 2/8/16.
Now closed on Mondays.

I invited friends to meet me at Suka for lunch on Monday - since the restaurant was dark, we walked across the street to lunch at Cinderella.

Now serving dinner Tuesday-Sunday (closed Monday).
We had dinner on Saturday at 7 pm and enjoyed the Roti, Gado Gado salad, and the Opor Chicken.
I fear they are adjusting to plebeian tastes and dumbing down the Indonesian cookery to accommodate the neighborhood. Some of the interesting soups and salads have vanished from the current offerings on the menu.
I requested a hot sauce for the Gado-Gado - and the chili shrimp paste was the perfect addition to accentuate its flavors. The Gado-Gado is a pre-mixed presentation because diners were complaining that they didn’t know how to toss it together. This $11 version is an ample serving. Request the chili shrimp paste for the flavor enhancement.
The Opor Ayam is now named Opor Chicken $14 on the menu and it is quite lovely with the well balanced spices and coconut milk. I could easily eat an entire plate of the carrot garnish - I would love to learn how these carrots are prepared.
The Roti and sauce are delicious to devour; hot and spicy $6. We had the Avocado ice cream for dessert $3.50.
What a value! Charming host; delicious food, comfortable setting - and reasonable pricing.

Gado-Gado salad is mild. Request the chili shrimp paste on the side to add a kick.

Opor Chicken with coconut milk. The carrots are a flavor gem.

Avocado ice cream

Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - closed Mondays

Are they available for off-the-menu ordering? If they have the ingredients and ok cooking them, perhaps that’s the way to go. What were those more interesting items?

The menu reads more like one at a Balinese resort.

Hours have changed. Now closed Tuesdays.
open Wednesday - Monday

Best dish/Best value.
Petrale Sole with lemon and capers.
mashed potato. veggie garnish. $16

Cool…I will be going to Richmond next week.

Call for hours. They seem to be in flux.

Recent update on Closure March 7, 2016.