Suggestions for Sheffield?

I’m going to Sheffield for the first time. Just three days, two nights 26-28 Oct. Is there somewhere I shouldn’t miss? Especially interested in breakfast places - will be at the Holiday Inn but not going for their own breakfast unless I can help it. My guy has a hankering for a crazy big buffet Chinese dinner or lunch somewhere and OK, why not? I’m expecting curry replies but it’s not imperative since my stomach has recently rebelled again spices (I’m soooo sad) and we are going to Leicester right afterwards. Oh, am also very interested in any market in town that would satisfy some local food curiosity.

I havent been to Sheffield since 2012 when we had a lovely meal at a now long closed place. So, no personal reccs, I’m afraid.

If it is any help, Hardens Guide lists the Cricket Inn, Joro, Nonna’s, Rafters, Street Food Chef and Vero Gusto.

The local food includes (and possibly stops at) Hendersons Relish. Like Worcestershire Sauce apparently. But presumably, you’ll want to seek it out.