suggestions for restaurants in the lake como and lake regions of italy

does anyone have any special suggestions for restaurants or must see places in the Lake Como/Lake region of italy?

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Lake Garda (visited 2012, so may no longer be valid:

Bardolino - Giardino delle Esperidi, Al Capitel, Pizzeria Bardolino (the best pizza I’ve ever eaten), Al Commercio (go for the pasta with donkey sauce), Da Beppina, Biri

Sirmione - La Speranzina

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Garda di Lago, Veneto is very close to Verona, however, Lake Como is quite far (Lombardia close to Piamonte) …

I have a list of where we were in Lake Como – I need to locate the notebook !! I have them in an Antique trunk or chest …

These older threads may be useful.


About a three hour drive between the two. The relevence of my post depends on what the OP regards as the “lake region”.

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We went to Lake Como last year. So beautiful! I guess I didn’t do a review here! Here are some pictures.
The hotel we loved.

The breakfast buffet

The restaurant there.

And if you want to leave your baby in the room

We also did a boat and food tour, beautiful views of gardens, but more gardens than food.




Where are you headed exactly in Italy ?

Are you planning on driving ? Or using High Speed Rail ?

We know Italy quite well. One of my collaborators has a home in Lake Como.

So if you are seeking restaurant info, I can get a list from him.

I am not so familiar with Lake Como, however, I know Verona, Venezia and Milano very well as well as Florence region.

BTW, it is @Wmg heading to lake Como. I’m not going to Italy this year.

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Oh okay !!!

i Will ask Maurizio for his list of recommendations in Lake Como.


Ristorante Imbarcadero
Hotel Metropole Suisse ****

DIRECTOR: Enrico Aramini.

Photographs taken at Ristorante.



See my Lake Como recommendation and photographs.

Many years ago, we had lunch at the Villa D’Este, even though we weren’t staying there. It was a lovely meal with a beautiful view. I’m not sure it this is still possible.

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Did you mention where the hotel was or the name? It looks wonderful, and I’m determined to get back to Lake Como sometime soon. Thanks.

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Hi June.

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Hi June!

I believe it was “Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni” in Bellagio, on Lake Como. You can barely make it out on the top of the building in the first picture I posted.

Amazing hotel. My husband did the research and planning, so I don’t know how exactly we chose it. Bellagio meant that place in Vegas before this trip. I’m guessing it was the views and location, and not the price.

A few more pictures.


I can check with a dear friend who is from Lake Como if you wish to know if it is still open.

The town of Belaggio seems a bit seasonal, but I’m sure the hotel is open year round. It’s a pretty big deal.

Lake Como’s Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

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And hi to you, John. I hope all is well up Norf. It’s been a strange time here in the UK…hope we all move on soon!

Thanks very much! I stayed in Cernobbio many years ago before I moved to Europe. I remember the views and the Lake with such fond memories. I’ve been to Italy quite a few times since, but never the Lakes…one of these days. We did take the boat up to Bellagio and had lunch right at the water. Your husband did well. :slight_smile:


thank you, we haven’t actually started to plan the trip, but know that we have to start up by lake como, as we are accompanying my kids and will babysit their baby for 2 days before my husband and i take off on our own. we can go anywhere we want. any suggestions on an itinerary. we would like to go to verona as well.