Suggestions for Cooking or Wine Class NYC?


Hoping that someone can suggest a gift. We would like to get a couple a cooking or wine tasting class somewhere in NYC (preferable the north end, they live in Riverdale). Budget is $150 total. They are foodies for sure. I looked at Eataly but they only seem to do Pasta or Pizza and I think ICE is a little bit of a haul but that may be a good option. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Sur la Table has cooking classes. Their website shows locations in White Plains (Westchester Mall) and Yonkers. I think either would be more convenient to Riverdale than coming into the city. Costs for classes appear to fit your budget.

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Thank you! I didn’t even think of them. Awesome suggestion.


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Glad I could help.

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Look at the Course Horse website. You will find different types of classes in different locations. The last cooking class I took was booked through them.



Thanks! I’ll check them out too!



Course horse is amazing! Overwhelming options. Although be sure to look for “on hands” classes, not “demonstration” classes
At one point whole foods Bowery had classes as well.
Oh! And look at murray cheese, the cheese making classes are beyond your budget but the wine and cheese pairing classes could be fun, or you could always do a g-cert and strongly suggest to the recipients a class so they can choose and schedule what works

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Cool! I’ll look into this! Thanks!

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Don’t know if I’m too late to help but if your friends like Japanese, check Osakana in Williamsburg. Might be inconvenient for them but there are many interesting courses they have.

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Awesome suggestion! I already took @RGR’s suggestion and got a Sur La Table gift card for them. These classes look really fun and I will save them for future ideas. Thank you!

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