Suggestions for a wedding venue/caterer in Westchester or Long Island with really good food?

My daughter recently got engaged and is looking for a place for her wedding next spring. She’s looking in Westchester or Long Island. They need someplace that can handle 300-350 people (fortunately I am not paying for the whole thing :slight_smile: ). Are there any venues or caterers that have above average (or even great) food and aren’t ridiculously expensive? It would be nice to find a place where the main course is as good as the food at the cocktail hour. Thanks for any suggestions.

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I don’t think it is possible for a wedding venue to have good food. No matter the cost per person. Especially for that large a group. I’ve been to around 25+ weddings in Westchester and on Long Island and have never had a better than a mediocre meal. These were in the range of $75-175 per person on the most part.

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Bill - congratulations!! What wonderful news! I just went to a beautiful wedding on Long Island at Chateau Briand in Carle Place. I thought the food was pretty good - from the cocktail hour to the main course - which is definitely unique.

Crabtree’s Kittle House throws a great wedding with really exceptional food from start to finish - the only caveat is - I don’t think they can accomodate 300-350 people.

Lake Isle in Eastchester and Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle are good choices too. Although the main courses were good at Lake Isle (they offered a yummy surf & turf dinner), the cocktail hour was more memorable. (Which is the norm!)

Good luck in your search and best wishes to the happy couple! :slight_smile:


We went to a wedding a few years ago at FEAST at Round Hill and I remember the food being especially good for a large event. I still remember the cocktail hour and the pumpkin soup appetizer. It’s a beautiful venue but I have no clue how many they can accommodate.

Thanks! You are correct about Kittle House being too small. We were there for lunch on Monday and spoke to the owner and he told us that he had his daughters’ weddings there and one was 200 and the other 220 but that was their limit. I will relay the other suggestions. My daughter is looking at a place in Westbury today, not sure if she was referring to CB (which I always thought was in Westbury) or some other place.

I suggested that she contact X/X2O since they do off-site catering. We’ve known Peter since our daughter was young and used to go to brunch in Garrison. Of course that assumes they have a place that can handle the large number of people (and that they can handle it themselves).

That looks really good! Sadly, it’s in the wrong direction for both us and the groom’s family (who live on Long Island) so I don’t think it will be a good option.

Update: my daughter did go to Chateau Briand yesterday and they liked it. Good to hear that you really liked it.