‘substantial ‘entrees using leftover ham needed

So our daughter-in-law’s parents hosted Easter dinner but everyone except us is leaving town in the next couple of days……. so we have maybe 5 pounds of glazed, spiral-cut ham. One issue is it’s pretty much chopped up into small pieces because of how the dad carved. (He does the same thing with turkeys.).

Most of the recipes I’m finding are for soups, frittata type things, and more that just don’t seem like entree items. A couple are casserole dishes and that seems more along the lines I’m looking for.

Any great casseroles or something different but ’substantial’ enough to serve as an entree??

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Saw this on Food network yesterday. Looks delicious. Although it may be too light for what you want.

Our go-to recipe is designed for small pieces. For two (and easily scaled up)

Slice an onion and garlic clove and fry. Add 175g green or Puy lentils. Add 300ml stock (ham, chicken or veg works). Cook for about 30 minutes till the lentils are cooked. Stir in ham to warm through, followed by 50g spinach or rocket leaves for a couple of minutes. We usually have this with crusty bread. Added bonus is that it freezes and reheats well so making abig batch could be your solution.

We also do a really easy pasta sauce - chopped red onion, peas, ham, cream and Parmesan - and a squeeze of lemon


I don’t know if this qualifies, but ham and cheese hand pies in puff pastry are delicious. You could use ready puff or even a flaky pie crust. (Egg is a popular addition to something like this, but for a meal that’s not breakfast I prefer just ham.)

If a crust is too rich / heavy, you could make crepes and fill with ham and cheese, maybe top with bechamel and broil.

A quiche or frittata would be my other thought, which does constitute a meal for me when loaded with enough mix-ins (like ham). Along the lines of Lorraine.

A sharp salad on the side would help cut the richness in all cases.

(That said, I’d probably freeze most of the ham in smaller portions to use later, because I’d probably get fed up trying to use up 5lbs near term!)

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Scalloped potatoes with ham.

Croque Monsieur or Croque Monsieur-type breakfast cassseroles.

Jambalaya / Gumbo

Some tartiflettes call for ham.

A pasta dish (maybe carbonara like), a pizza with pineapple, a quiche, chef/cobb salad, eggs Benedict, monte cristo or club sandwiches with split pea soup, chicken cordon bleu… so many choices.

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I decided to see if Ham Cordon Bleu is a thing, and it is. Good way to use up more ham. Stuff the ham with the cheese and a slice of chicken or turkey (or skip the poultry) . I have not tried this recipe. https://www.food.com/amp/recipe/ham-cordon-bleu-231097


One of my high school classmates writes this Keto Blog.

This second link looks the same, but it should link to a bunch of ham recipes on her site.


I’m having memories of an Argentinian ham and cheese crêpe cake, like a layered crepe, cut in wedges.

Here is a bake one with a nice batter and a dijon/parmesan sauce… looks delish (c;

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I don’t like mustard in anything, but looks good, otherwise! :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps a soy/pineapple glaze… or replace the chicken with sliced turkey as a take on a monte cristo with a maple/rasberry coulis?

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Those ham and cheese slider sandwiches, usually made on Hawaiian rolls sliced through, spread with mustard, and baked with a melted butter wash on top.

I love ham in scrambled eggs or omelettes (or quiche/frittata)

Put ham in a hash à la corned beef hash but with ham instead. Cube the ham, cube some potatoes and chop bell peppers and onions or other veggies. Cook the potatoes (I par-cook them in the microwave), sauté the peppers and onions, add the potatoes and ham and get them brown and crispy.


I enjoyed some ham empanadas in the north of Spain.

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I would make a ham-centric dinner with a HAM POT PIE, paired with some HAM SCONES, and finished with HAM CANDY BREAD PUDDING (baking or air-frying your leftover glazed ham with honey and a generous dusting of brown sugar).

Mac & Ham & Cheese. Your favorite Mac & Cheese recipe (I still use the Mueller’s Elbow Noodle box recipe from the 1970s), and add cubed ham to it and bake.

Ham Salad? Process in a food processor ad do whatever recipes for ham salad tell you. (I don’t eat ham salad, so I have no idea what the add-ins are.)

Put the cubes on a pizza - with pineapple, if you must. LOL

Add to salad - Cobb Salad with chopped chicken and hard-boiled eggs and whatever veggies you want?


Use some of it for pinto or navy beans.

Endive and Ham Gratin with Cheese
Okonomiyaki with Ham
Korean Pancakes with Ham Scallion and Chilies
Creamed Ham (like Creamed Chipped Beef)
Ham and Roasted Poblano Enchiladas


Maybe this:

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