Sub regular pasta for egg noodles in a kugel?

Hi there, I’m thinking waaay ahead to the holidays and was wondering if anyone has used regular pasta instead of traditional egg noodles in a kugel. I always use my mother/grandmother’s recipe which is sweet–it has sliced apples, raisins and crushed pineapple. Oh, and sugar–it’s VERY sweet! But it’s a good counterpoint to the brisket I make, which is heavy.

I think a short, curly pasta would hold up well, and the kugel would be easier to cut after baking. Unless I break the noodles into smaller pieces before cooking. Any thoughts, suggestions?


Wow, quite a few lookers but no responses.

Well, I figured it out myself. Thanks anyway!

Hate it when that happens. Sorry.

I saw this but have made kugel 2x in my long life - so felt I might be worse than a Google search.

I would have said that it should be fine… I would have suggested a bow tie pasta (have used it in “lasagna” sever times - works fine and makes scooping portions for a crowd very easy.

So how did it go? Would that have been horrible advice?

Thanks for the response Thimes! And for the suggestion…

I was considering using Jewish star-shaped pasta and a friend suggested I do a test batch. I was really more concerned about using long-ish noodles, which are a bit difficult to cut (I always pre-cut for easier service) after the kugel is baked (and reheated if needed). What I didn’t realize is that I can buy different SIZE egg noodles; I’ve only ever bought one size. I think–I’m not exactly sure–that my local supermarket only has the size I usually buy; I saw 2 other sizes in a different market that I only shop at for specialty items. I’m planning this for an early Chanukah dinner and doing a lot of planning right now.

Thanks again!

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