Studio City, Burbank airport area

Visiting relatives in LA in July. Any tasty recommendations in the Studio City and Burbank airport area?


Food preferences?

Lunch, dinner, breakfast?


On vacation, so budget is ok for a splurge, but mostly medium prices, no chains. We’re visiting older family who will probably not join us at restos. Grandkids (preschoolers) are coming for a few days, so some family friendly places.
We live in Boston, so we have plenty of ethnic and seafood places here, but we understand Asian is special here. My MIL was Japanese, so all kinds of Japanese (beyond ramen and sushi) are great. We also love French and Eastern European food. Middle eastern, not so much (we live in a heavily armenian/syrian neighborhood.
Family lives in Studio City, we’re staying near the Burbank airport. We’ll have a car. Easy parking a plus but not a deal breaker (we’re getting on ourselves).
Many thanks in advance!

I haven’t been here in nearly 20 years, but I remember it very well as having the BEST rice I’ve ever had in the US…and this is coming from someone who lived in Japan for about 20 years. Until having rice here, I thought all Japonica rice tasted the same…but I was wrong.

Asanebo (it means “oversleep”) used to be a funky, local place, but from what I’ve been reading since I last went, it has become more of a destination kind of place.