Stroh's Bohemian Beer returns to Detroit!

5.5% Alcohol/Vol. 33 IBUs. My notes: Crisp, distinctive taste. I do not think it’s the original recipe. But it’s close. Heaviest Pilsner I’ve ever tasted. Nice packaging. I do not know if it’s offered on tap anywhere yet.

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Looks like they are making bourbon in the old ice cream plant too:

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I truly lament the popularity that Bourbon has achieved. :disappointed_relieved: To my mind, pricing is stratospheric. I’ll buy a fifth of Jim Beam for the holidays, but that will be the first purchase of any Bourbon for me in all of 2016.

(Part of Detroit’s core city comeback is being fueled by craft distilleries, as in plural.)

Thanks for finding that article, and posting it, VK.