Strip T's pickle fries Watertown MA

So we went out for lunch on Saturday to Strip T’s, so we could get at least one more trip in before they closed. We had the amazing turkey Reuben, but the most amazing thing were the so called pickle fries. At first we thought they were fried pickles, but after asking it seems that the British chef brines the potatoes overnight in a salt, sugar, and vinegar solution. This makes them super crispy, and tasting as if the vinegar was fried right in. The only thing I hate about vinegar on fries is that it makes them soggy, and the distribution of vinegar is uneven. These don’t need any salt or vinegar added, and were supercrisp from start to finish. I may have to return again just to eat these am amazing fries!


Yes, I’ve made a couple of farewell visits myself in the last two weeks, and had the pickle fries both times. They are very good, although they were crisper at lunch the first time I had them, than at dinner a few days later. They’ve had a new chef for the last three months, and this is one of his additions to the menu.

ooh, those do sound good