"Street Food" & "Pavement Restaurants" (anywhere)

We all know Asia is well known for its street food scene but I’m curious about other places as well.

Sharing some examples from my travels:

Charcoal wheelbarrow rig: Skhodër, northern Albania.

Ubiquitous bread ring encrusted with sesame seeds in Thessaloniki, northern Greece.

There are Salteñas shops where you can get freshly baked Salteñas but if you are feeling peckish these mobile rigs will do. They are everywhere.

This stall makes its own sausages. Freiburg (im Breisgau) is a beautiful medieval city in south western Germany, on the edge of the Black Forest. It’s not far from both French and Swiss borders.


There’s usually a queue. I think the man on right is the owner (in German).

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Belgium and Northern France both have vans selling fries. There’s a particularly good one in the main car park in Albert, Department of the Somme, France.

Here also. The stalls are often found at the weekly markets and car parks. Loved by people of all ages and backgrounds.

I eat a portion of cod fritters every fortnight at the market. Herrings every week.

Manhattan is lousy with food trucks and street vendors. Lobster rolls, dosas, empanadas, tacos, pizza. So many that we (and Philly, and LA) have The Vendy Awards to recognize the best.

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Until recently, my local farmers market had a black pudding van. Sold them on a barmcake or with a tub of black peas. Either way, they need a very good dollop of English mustard.

There’s now only the pig roast - again on a barmcake, with apple sauce and crackling.

Black pudding van, eh. Cool idea. I think I would like it with (fried) onions.

My first and second roasted pork on a barmcake in Sheffield. Which cut of pork is this? Shoulder? brisket? The apple sauce goes well with the pork. I needed half a jar.

Every shop has the roasted pork on display to tempt you. I had to try 2.

Second one didn’t come with crackling (we groaned when the other wanted the last bit of the crackling).

How much is a lobster roll from a food van? 30 bucks?

$13-$17. They’re about 2/3 the size of a lobster roll in a sit-down restaurant, which will run you about $25.


Sensible size and price. Nice to see there are other options as well. I would order the lobster without any roll and mayo. Just plain, with lemon and butter sauce, or olive oil.

Definitely not a big deal in those places, is it?

I doubt you can get it without the mayo. It’s probably added right at the beginning. You’d be better off going and buying a lobster.

At the farmers market, they barbecue the whole pig and just hack bits off it.

There is often a butter-only option, “Connecticut style” as opposed to “Maine style.” I know that Luke’s stores the undressed lobster weighed out and wrapped up, and I think I remember the counter person (this was in their brick & mortar operation) making each sandwich to order from those individual lobster portions.

Yes, we’re spoiled. But it’s still exciting to see something new. A Taiwanese truck set up shop on Astor Place, and I told everyone who would listen about that time I bought hot and sour soup on the street. Soup! on the street! (I need to get out more, maybe.)

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Yes, I’m aware of the CT-style :slight_smile: I was in WF this morning (Reno, NV) and Dungeness crab shelled (if that’s the term) was a mere $50/#!!!

Good lord. Whole Foods prices their cheese by the quarter pound in Manhattan now, which is a great way to keep everyone’s math skills sharp. They should do the same for crab, so you don’t get the vapors.

LOL! Vapors indeed :slight_smile: 'Course I had just bought $6.50 worth of morels at $30/#!